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Bucaramanga, The Capital of Santander and Extreme Sports

Bucaramanga has more than 220 parks and green areas. For this reason, ecotourism is a great attraction for many visitors, with parks such as Parque del Agua, which is 3.6 hectares, and contains many places to swim and enjoy a relaxing stroll. In addition, one of the most representative parks in the region is the Chicamocha National Park. There it is possible to take a 6.3km ride in the teleférico (cable car) over the valley, interact with animals, enjoy the children’s aquatic park (if you’re a child, have children or just decided not to grow up) and relish the excitement of some extreme sports.

Bungee, San Gil
Bungee, San Gil

You can also take a short trip to San Gil, where there are more natural parks such as El Gallineral that offer treks through the vegetation and rafting adventures. In San Gil, it is also possible to experience other extreme sports such as mountaineering, mountain biking, motocross, paragliding, and much more.

Zip Lining, San Gil
Zip Lining, San Gil

In conclusion, if you want an extreme experience with all the sports available in the world and/or relax and enjoy nature, Bucaramanga and its surroundings are the best options for the whole family.

Another place not to miss near Bucaramanga:

  • Cristo Rey (Sanitisimo): The largest statue of Christ in America, which is 33m tall with a lookout above the head of the statue, over the beautiful view of Eco Parque Cerro de Santisimo.
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