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Tayrona National Park – Cabo San Juan: A magical adventure.

Tayrona National Park was proclaimed a nature reserve in 1969, due to its great archaeological and biological value. Located in the department of Magdalena in Colombia, and only 45 minutes from Santa Marta; The capital of the department. Its 15,000 hectares of land, plus its 4500 hectares of marinas, provide nature lovers with beautiful landscapes where the mountains, the jungle, and the sea all meet together.

Beach, Cabo San Juan, Tayrona Park
Beach, Cabo San Juan, Tayrona Park

Tayrona Park offers visitors beautiful beaches, such as Cabo San Juan which stands out for its white sands, bluish waters, and the magic that emanates from the surroundings.

Cabo San Juan: Beauty, sport, and fun.

There are four official entrances to Tayrona Park, one of them is through Zairo, which is 32 km from Santa Marta. Through there you can access the beach of Cabo San Juan, on a journey of approximately 90 minutes on foot, however, there are some other faster transportations such as horses available to visitors.

Apart from the dazzling landscapes and paradisiacal scenarios, Cabo San Juan offers splendid geography for aquatic sports such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming, which allow a magical connection with marine wildlife and its different species.

Iguana, Cabo San Juan

For those who want to spend the night in Cabo San Juan and contemplate the immensity of the stars, the locals offer the service of hammocks, tents, and restaurant, as well as sanitary services, in an atmosphere of kindness and security, This is a great way for travelers to feel comfortable with less traveling and not to miss any detail of this great experience.

Take note before visiting Cabo San Juan:

To enter into Tayrona National Park and in particular the beach of Cabo San Juan, long walks are required. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account some details before the expedition:

  • Tayrona Park is located in the Colombian Caribbean where the temperature can reach 40ºC, therefore, hydration, insect repellent, and comfortable clothing are essential for this journey.
  • Being aware of the long walks, since it is necessary to assess your physical state and plan each of the routes in a responsible way.
  • Remember the importance of not damaging nature and preserving the environment, because the park and its beaches are sanctuaries of various species of fauna and flora, valuable for the planet’s ecosystem.
  • Tayrona Park is closed every year for the month of February, the 1st-15th of June, and the 19th of October – 2nd of November; so the park can rejuvenate for another year of magical tourism.

From Cabo San Juan you can walk to some other beautiful beaches, as well as the lost city and the small town Chairama, you can also visit the archaeological museum, where tourists will get a closer encounter with the culture, the traditions, and history of the indigenous people from Tayrona. For those wanting to take a bit more of a risk, there are activities that include rock climbing, hiking, and guided expeditions.

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