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Comuna 13: History made Graffiti

Colombia is a country of resilience and the best place to attribute it is Comuna 13. There tourists get the opportunity to see how art is tangled with the history of a neighborhood far from the rich areas of Medellin, where most tourists stay during their travels.

The neighborhood is hidden in the mountains of Medellín, a place where a few years ago was the most dangerous area in Medellín. And since Medellin was also once known as the most dangerous city in the world, saying that Comuna 13 was difficult is a euphemism.

Electric Stairs, Comuna 13
Electric Stairs, Comuna 13

The Comuna 13 of Medellín grew in a significant way once the social and youth programs transformed the area through art, where various artists capture beautiful graffiti on the walls that speak the history of their society, their customs, and natural beauty; so in that way, all guests to this area have the fortune to enjoy an outdoor urban art gallery that reflects the metamorphosis of a resilient society that does not stay in the past, but instead looks to the future with great hopes.


Social transformation of the hand of art in the Comuna 13.

Comuna 13 presents an urban renewal with colorful and vibrant spaces thanks to art, where, through graffiti, a real social transformation is expressed that goes beyond historical contingencies and gives way to spaces where the inhabitants of the sector offer the world true works of art that speak of the social improvement, innovation, development, and progress of a thriving people who do not let themselves be despised by bad.

The graffiti tour is one of the tourist bets of Comuna 13, where visitors can enjoy art with local guides starting from the escalators they will lead you to explore and live:

  • Street art with graffiti, which became a valuable artistic contribution that wants to show the cultural and historical moments of violence, coexistence, and transformation, while highlighting in its drawings the social leaders who have been a pillar for the social change of families and youth, while giving the community hope for a better life full of hip hop, music, theater, graffiti, and opportunities.

    Graffiti, Comuna 13, Medellín
    Graffiti, Comuna 13, Medellín
  • Guided tours with full fare that start from the hotel or from the city center, where you have included cable metro tickets and the tour or if you want a different experience there are also free tours where locals serve as a guide to change of a tip that would be granted at the end of the tour as consideration for their services.

Comuna 13 of Medellín leads visitors to live the story in another way, since through their graffiti; of both guests and local artists; life is reflected in its greatest expression, with a tour that can last for four hours, and a journey that will last a lifetime.

In the Comuna 13 visitors enjoy the art, folklore, and kindness of the people, while getting unbeatable photographs and the experience of encumbering the hills by means of escalators, which give the place a special feature. The graffiti tour is an experience that no visitor to the city of Medellín can miss.

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