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Los Nevados National Park: An invitation for YOU to BE the adventure!

Los Nevados National Park: An invitation for YOU to BE the adventure!

There are destinations on this planet that seem to be created and destined to be the scenario where great adventures take place. Most of them are man-made and are usually located in large touristic complexes. And of course, visiting them can be quite an expense for the whole family.

But other destinations vibrate in a totally different frequency. Usually not man-made and do not seem to be somehow engineered. They are like a blank canvas where you get to be the author of your own adventure because they offer such a wide variety of possibilities that they simply cannot be encapsulated in a conventional “tour”.

Colombia’s Los Nevados National Park is one of those places and here you’ll discover why.

Let’s say that, as a part of your Colombia experience, you decided to visit the Coffee zone on a 5-day cultural experience and, as predicted, you absolutely fall in love with the place and decide to dig deeper into what it has to offer. So, you ask your guide if they can take you to Los Nevados, a surreal set of natural attractions in the middle of the Colombian Cordillera (The Central Andes), that surround the Coffee Zone and span the Departments of Quindío, Risaralda, Caldas, and Tolima. Why do this? Because Los Nevados pretty much has something to offer for everyone depending on your interests.

Are you a hiker or want to become one?

You can try to conquer one of the two snow-covered peaks that are currently open to the public: Tolima and Santa Isabel.Nevado del Ruiz” is, unfortunately, off-limits due to security reasons since it’s still considered an active volcano, but you can witness its magnificence from every point of the park, and especially from the other peaks which are a little lower. You can also plan a trip to magical Valle de Las Tumbas, a volcanic desert located +3000 meters above the sea level where you will feel that nature lavished just to astonish you with a landscape you can hardly find anywhere else on this planet.

Do you appreciate exuberating flora and fauna?

Los Nevados will surprise you, as in a relatively small area you can enjoy watching hundreds or even thousands of native species of fauna and flora. This is where the world-famous Colombian Wax Palm and the beautiful Andean Hummingbird are common and easy-to-find. But there are much more varieties and some of them have still to be classified, as the park is constantly being studied by researchers both from Colombian Universities and specialized scientific groups from all around the world.

Wax Palms, Cocora Valley
Wax Palms, Cocora Valley
Enjoy fishing?

If water and everything related to it is your thing, you should know that dozens of Colombia’s rivers are originated in, or pass-through this national park. Plus, inside the park itself, you can enjoy a very promising fishing tour to the beautiful Otún Lake or appreciate the powerful flow of pure water in Gualí Waterfalls.

So, do you see where the magic lies?

These amazing features are just a small sample of everything Los Nevados has to offer in terms of your experience. But, as you can see, depending on your mood and your interests, you can turn your visit to this beautiful place into something truly unforgettable, because it will be YOUR adventure; one that cannot really be found, but created by you and your energy.

Trust me, right after you leave Los Nevados, you will want to come back already!

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