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Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do!

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We Absolutely Love This Beautiful Country, Its Amazing People & Diverse Culture! 

Join Us on a Tour Full of Wonderful Experiences, Giving You Fantastico Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Let Us Share With You The Very Best Parts of Colombia!

Your Safety First

We’re constantly monitoring security issues throughout Colombia.

So you can rest assured your only concern on our tours will be having enough space on your camera.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, we took a short break, and now we are back and better than ever before! Now offering more tours, more experiences, and more packages to even more locations throughout Colombia!

Our Business Plan

To continually promote this beautiful country and to share more sustainable tours throughout Colombia. More nature, more hikes, more jungles, more wildlife, more beaches, more relaxation, more culture…

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Who We Are and Why We Started...


Paula & Bruce McLean
My beautiful wife and I on the Amazon River


My name is Bruce McLean and I’m a Kiwi living right here in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Zone. I’m also the founder of BnB Colombia Tours.

I fell in love with this beautiful country in 2009 and now live in a small country town in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Region. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled through much of Colombia and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences and met some fantastico people along the way. It’s these experiences and many more that I’d like to share with you.

When I first arrived here, I found it quite difficult to find English-speaking guides, so it was down to the people I was traveling with to translate for me as we went along. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’ll know that it can become quite tiring and a bit annoying for everyone involved. This is one of the reasons I started BnB Colombia Tours.

We now have bilingual local expert guides providing diverse tours combining wonderful cultural experiences, and breathtaking experiences of nature in almost every part of Colombia. All of which can be customized to create the perfect package just for you.

Whether you’d like to explore the Amazon; travel through the spectacular coffee zone; discover the culture of Bogota and the beauty of Barichara; enjoy whale watching and untouched nature on the Pacific Coast; or Enjoy an amazing experience with Leatherback turtles laying eggs in the dead of night, and others hatching the following morning; Explore the Caribbean, Tayrona Park, Cartagena, and the Rosario Islands; travel into the Tatacoa desert and walk amongst pre-Colombian stone statues and tombs in San Agustin, or maybe you’d like to see rock paintings dating back 1000’s of years and swim with pink dolphins?

We’ve got the tours, the guides, the transportation, the accommodation, the expert local knowledge, and the complete logistics ready to provide you with your dream Colombian experience!

Sharing the amazing country of Colombia is a dream I hope to never wake from!

If you’d like to know any more about me or BnB Colombia Tours please feel free to book a chat and get a free itinerary.

Have a Fantastico Day and Hablamos Pronto!


We absolutely love nature and the Colombian countryside is full of some of the worlds very best pristine jungles. 


Parts of Colombia were never invaded by the Spanish, so you can still venture into location free of any Spanish language.


With unique cultures in every state of Colombia it’s easy to understand that everywhere you go will be a new culinary experience.

Combining Tours and Packages

You can combine different packages to create your perfect Colombian experience. Or we can simply create a bespoke package unique to you!  We have a team of travel local experts that be happy to help.

Create Your Perfect Experience

We have created some of the best possible packages to suit almost anyone wanting to travel to Colombia.

Including the Amazon, Caribbean, Coffee Zone, the Andes, Medellín, Whales, Turtles, Jungles, Beaches, and more.

But we also know that just as everyone does not like the same box of mixed chocolates, these packages may not be perfect for every traveler. So we are always happy to make changes to any package to create your perfect Colombian Experience.

We have guides and transport operators over every part of this beautiful country, so even if you don’t see the tour on our website, the chances are we can still provide you with your dream tour of the simply fantastico county of Colombia!