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Bogotá, Colombia´s capital city enjoys a geostrategic location in the Americas. It has a broad and avant-garde platform, suppliers with high-quality standards, competitive prices, a wide range of tourist attractions and opportunities for economic, cultural and social exchange and knowledge.

A spirited metropolis imparting a unique blend of history, culture, business, and entertainment with a growing reputation as one of the principal destinations in Latin America; Bogota is a city that has gradually taken the lead in technology, finance, and research, Bogotá is certainly no stranger to the events sector and has welcomed many conferences in the past with its three major convention centers each able to host between three and four thousand people.

BnB Colombia Tours are your hosts in Bogotá.

BnB Colombia Tours are your hosts in Bogota, providing a fresh and innovative approach, ensuring your visit to this amazing country is a remarkable one.


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Embraced by the Andes Mountains, at 2,600m/8,530´ above sea level, today Bogota is a well-developed incentive destination. The excellent meeting and conference facilities have also contributed to the immense growth of business travel to Colombia. We offer a broad range of programs to guarantee that, no matter what you are looking for, you will find it.


The most important city for business tourism in the country.

The Colombian capital is the most important city for business tourism in the country and ranks in the top six among the most relevant Latin American cities for MICE.

Bogota is an original, trendy, and relatively unexplored destination that is emerging as an increasingly important business hub. The Colombian capital has become one of the most important cities in Latin America, with a creative and innovative spirit that has seen it become the financial center of the Andean region.


El Dorado International Airport connects to destinations far and wide.

For connectivity, El Dorado International Airport connects to destinations far and wide. Bogotá has the first integrated fair district in Latin America with a convention center, fairgrounds, and hotel.

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Colombia’s capital city is the country’s most popular destination for conventions, fairs, and events. Infrastructure in the city is modern and Bogota’s hotels meet all the highest international quality standards. The preponderance of hotel rooms in Bogotá are located in the city center, Zona Rosa, and Chapinero neighborhoods. However, there are also several good hotels found in other respectable areas of the city, such as the airport, the financial district, and Usaquen.


Nearly two hundred meeting and conference areas – luxurious hotels – business class events – high-value functions. 

The city also has nearly two hundred meeting and conference areas located in top hotels and specialized centers. A wide selection of different-sized conference rooms as well as luxurious hotels well placed to accommodate business-class events and high-value functions. Additionally, the Colombian capital also has a variety of more economical hotel options.

As the commercial center of Colombia, the city offers a varied and high-quality gastronomy that permits attendees to enjoy the local culture. Filled with dynamic flavors and seasonal specialties, Bogotá’s gastronomical fare is one of the best on the continent, offering a wide variety of cuisines that reflect the city’s distinct identity, from traditional Colombian dishes to international gourmet cuisine. If you are looking to make a statement with your event, you need top-quality venues to impress your guests right from the get-go. Bogotá will not disappoint.


Cost-effective destination for MICE conventions.

Bogota is a relatively affordable city, making it a cost-effective destination for MICE conventions. This is especially true when compared to other major cities in North America and Europe.

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Creative, diverse, and lively, Bogota is one of those places that just oozes character and cannot help but put a smile on your face.

It is also a very old city, originally settled by the Muisca people before being taken over by the Spanish in 1538, making Bogotá as we know it, almost 500 years old. A visit to the Gold Museum is enthralling and likewise the Botero Museum.

Interesting day excursions offered by BnB Colombia Tours include a graffiti tour, riding a cable car up to Monserrate, exploring La Candelaria, visiting the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquíra, a Botanical Garden walk, and a hike around Lake Guatavita. Overnight trips to nearby towns are fascinating and include Villa de Leyva, Raquíra, and Barichara.


Weather is generally mild year-round.

Bogota, Colombia has a highland climate, with average temperatures ranging from 13c/55f to 19c /66f. The weather is generally mild year-round, but there can be a significant difference between day and night temperatures. At night time it can and does go as low as 6c/43f. It is also important to note that Bogota is situated at an altitude of 2,650m/ 8,694´, so the air is much thinner and drier than normal, which can make it feel significantly cooler than the actual indicated temperature.

The best clothing to wear for your MICE convention in Bogota would be layers that can easily be added or removed as desired. Lightweight trousers, skirts, or dresses with long-sleeved shirts or blouses would be an ideal option. Be sure to have a light jacket or sweater close to hand, especially in the evenings if you plan to be outside for extended periods.

As for shoes, comfortable walking shoes are a must. The streets of Bogota can be uneven and there is always a lot of time on your feet at a MICE convention. Closed-toe shoes for ladies are generally the best if it rains, as not all streets drain quickly. Always have an umbrella or raincoat available as it can rain at any time of the year. Given the high altitude, use sunscreen regardless and have headwear as the sun is so strong in the rarefied air.