We Are Carbon Neutral

BnB Colombia Tours is Proud Partner of Stand For Trees and The Amazon Valparaiso Project

Stand with Trees – The Amazon Valparaiso Project

This is the only world we live in, and the team at BnB Colombia Tours is helping to protect it for future generations.

We Are Carbon Neutral

We are strong supporters of sustainable and responsible travel and believe we have to do more to try and prevent the continued destruction of our natural resources. That’s why partnering with the outstanding organization Stand For Trees was a no-brainer. They follow a REDD+ model, which stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. It’s a UN-approved model specially created to fight climate change by saving forests. The ‘+’ represents all the other things we get from forests. Like biodiversitylivelihoods, wildlife habitat, and much more. To discover more about how this works, click here!

For more information and a PDF on the project BnB Colombia Tours is supporting in conjunction with Stand For Trees please click here