F.A.Q’s – Facts and Questions Over 50 Comfort Shared Group Tour 7-Day Cartagena & Caribbean Express

F.A.Q’s – Facts and Questions Over 50 Comfort Shared Group Tour 7-Day Cartagena & Caribbean Express

All of the following facts and questions apply to the 7-Day Cartagena & Caribbean Express, Over 50 Shared Group Tours. If you still have any questions please book a chat with one of our destination experts by clicking here!

  • What clothes should I bring?

Colombia has an incredible variety of weather conditions in relatively short distances, mostly due to altitude. (This is a great link for weather details for the cities you will visit)

    • The Caribbean coast is generally hot and humid, so tropical wear is advised.
    • In Cartagena, the wet season (April – December) is overcast, the dry season is windy and partly cloudy while it is hot with high humidity all year round. During the year, the temperature typically varies from 76f/24c to 88f/31c.
    • A hat and sunscreen are strongly recommended along with good sandals or something similar. Flip Flops are not the best idea, especially when doing a lot of walking, such as in Tayrona Park. You will need decent sneakers, tennis shoes, or hiking footwear there.
  • What are the activity levels in this package?

All of the experiences offered in our shared group over 50 tours are rated easy to moderate, based on the level of activity you can expect. This is noted on every itinerary page, next to the tour name.  In general, where tours include more than a mile of walking per day you will need the ability to remain on your feet for extended periods of time.

    • The level of activities in this package are easy to moderate.
    • Hiking to Cabo San Juan beach is about 2 hours, remember that it is hot, so bring some liquid refreshments with you.
      • After plenty of time to refresh and recharge at the beach, you will return on foot as well.
      • For those who prefer not to walk, there is the option of traveling on horseback. Remember your long trousers!
    • The visit to the Lost City of Taironaka is by boat, but there is an element of walking around the ruins. Good footwear is thoroughly recommended.
  • What do I need for the Rosario Islands?
    • Most importantly do not forget your sunscreen protector, along with a hat.
    • Also, bring some mosquito repellent with you just to be sure.
    • We’ll be providing you with a quick-dry towel for your time in Colombia, that you can take back home with you.
    • There are numerous water sports to enjoy, and equipment is available for hire.
  • Is Tayrona Park as good as they say?

Tayrona Park is one of the most important Natural Parks in Colombia and is undoubtedly a place for contemplation and rest. This spectacular Natural Nirvana has magnificent beaches with crystalline water.

    • Be sure to wear a hat or cap and some sunglasses.
    • Cool cotton clothes are best to wear. Pants and a long-sleeved shirt protect the skin from insects, branches, and the sun.
    • Water-resistant and appropriate footwear for walking long distances through exuberant bushes and sandals for beach areas.
    • Good idea to carry a photocopy of your passport for identification.
    • There is only internet service in the Cañaveral section, so be prepared for a day of no communication!
  • What can I expect at The Lost City of Taironaka?

A small community located near the mouth of the Don Diego River, it houses within its limits an indigenous reserve, with Tairona terraces and roads to the Sierra Nevada.

    • Only 25 minutes by boat up the river you have access to Taironaka, a place where archaeological remains of the first inhabitants of Santa Marta are found.
    • It is hot and humid, so be sure to wear cotton clothing, a hat, and sunscreen.
    • You will have the chance to swim in the river, so bring your swimwear.
    • This will be a memorable day with plenty to do and see.
How do I know the hotels are up to standard?
  • BnB Colombia Tours has a wealth of options to choose from and the focus is on quality rather than quantity. You can rest assured that we carefully select accommodations for consistently high standards of cleanliness and service. This tour has Comfort standard accommodation, so should you wish to upgrade your lodging (such as a single room), let us know in advance. In this way, you can be assured of having your request confirmed.
    • In Cartagena, you will reside in a private hostelry most likely in Centro or Getsamaní, the most delightful and picturesque of neighborhoods. Inside the walled city are restaurants and lively bars where you can dine al fresco.
    • Santa Marta, further along, the coast is famous for its well-preserved colonial architecture, beaches, and nightlife. We have selected the optimum places to stay, from where you can enjoy the best the city has to offer.
    • In Tayrona Park, we have chosen a wonderful hotel close to the beach and surrounded by nature.