F.A.Q’s – Facts and Questions Over 50 High-End Shared Group Tour 8-Day Colombian Express

F.A.Q’s – Facts and Questions Over 50 High-End Shared Group Tour 8-Day Colombian Express

All of the following facts and questions apply to the 8-Day Colombian Express, Over 50 High-End Shared Group Tours. If you still have any questions please book a chat with one of our destination experts by clicking here!

  • What clothes should I bring?

Colombia has an incredible variety of weather conditions in relatively short distances, mostly due to altitude. (This is a great link for weather details for the cities you will visit)

    • Bogotá, where you will start your trip, is very high at nearly 9,000 ́, so it is generally cooler than many other places. A light jacket or sweater is good to have but at night you certainly need warmer clothing as it gets very chilly. Rain is never far away so an umbrella or a waterproof coat is advisable. A hat is useful as when the sun shines it is very intense since the air is very thin at altitude.
    • Medellín on the other hand is known as the city of eternal spring, with spring weather to accompany it. So, light clothing is best with a jersey for the evening.
    • Outside of Medellín for Guatapé and the coffee plantation tour, it will be warmer, so cotton shirts and light pants are a good option. It is an excellent idea to have comfortable walking shoes for this part of your adventure.
    • The Caribbean coast is generally hot and humid, so tropical wear is advised.
      • In Cartagena, the wet season (April – December) is overcast, the dry season is windy and partly cloudy while it is hot with high humidity all year round. During the year, the temperature typically varies from 76f/24c to 88f/31c.
      • A hat and sunscreen are strongly recommended along with good sandals or something similar. Flip Flops are great for the beach, but not the best idea when doing a lot of walking
  • What are the activity levels in this package?

All our shared group tours for the over 50 are rated easy or moderate, based on the level of activity you can expect. This is noted on every itinerary page, next to the tour name.  In general, where tours include more than a mile of walking per day you will need the ability to remain on your feet for extended periods of time. You can see the specific activity level details for each tour under the itinerary details

    • For Bogotá you will be moving around quite a bit, so comfortable walking shoes are in order especially as some of the streets are cobbled. Those who are energetic can scale the steps up to Monserrate (2,000 ́) for a glorious view of the city or otherwise take the teléferico.
    • In Medellín too you need comfy footwear to enjoy the city tour and visit Comuna 13. The day trip to Guatapé and the coffee plantation entail some walking, of course. For the spirited ones, you can ascend the 702 steps to the crest of La Piedra, which would be a moderate effort at a slow pace.
      • Helicopter tour of the lakes at Guatapé
        This is something really special. You get a spectacular view of the lakes and islands if you climb to the top of La Piedra, but a sensational experience in the helicopter.
        Be sure to have your camera ready for photos and videos! Not everyone has this opportunity.
    • On the Caribbean coast, it is the heat you need to pay attention to in all activities. Always be sure to hydrate well. While you are in Cartagena and the Rosario Islands there is nothing more than an easy effort required.
      • What do I need for the Rosario Islands?
        Most importantly do not forget your sunscreen protector, along with a hat rather than a cap for more protection. Also, bring some mosquito repellent with you as mosquitos are around. We will be providing you with a quick-dry towel for your time in Colombia, that you can take back home with you.
        There are numerous water sports to enjoy and equipment is available for hire.
  • Will I have any free time?

Each itinerary offers the perfect balance of downtime and discoveries. Evenings are often yours to explore or just relax. If you wish to opt out of a particular excursion let us know. Remember however that this is an inclusive tour, so there is no refund available if you decide to miss something on the itinerary. In this itinerary, you have a free afternoon in Cartagena.

  • How do I know the hotels are up to standard?

BnB Colombia Tours has a wealth of options to choose from and the focus is on quality rather than quantity. You can rest assured that we carefully select accommodations for consistently high standards of cleanliness and service.
This tour has Superior accommodation, so should you wish to upgrade your lodging to luxury accommodation, let us know in advance. In this way, you can be assured to have your request confirmed.

    • The capital city of Bogotá has a great variety of places to stay, as you would expect. We mainly place our guests on the north side, areas like Chapinero, Usaquen, and Santa Barbara. Here you will be able to enjoy best the vibrant city as well as have green areas to explore.
      Big as Bogotá is, in these barrios, you will be able to live like a local.
    • Medellín is a major city spread over a large area. We choose mainly boutique hotels that are centered in the best areas, El Poblado for example, near to everything you might want during your stay – bars, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.
    • In Cartagena, you will reside in a private hostelry most likely in Centro or Getsamaní, the most delightful and picturesque of neighborhoods. Inside the walled city are restaurants and lively bars where you can dine al fresco.