Pereira is located in the center of the Coffee Triangle, with the Hot Springs of Santa Rosa and Manizales to the North; and Salento and Armenia to the south. In every direction from Pereira, there are many fincas (country estate) and beautiful plantations of coffee and platano (similar to bananas). Just outside of Pereira is the Ukumarí Biopark, which when fully completed will be the largest bio park in Latin America.

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Catedral, Pereira
Catedral, Pereira

Just half an hour north of Pereira you can find the hot springs of Santa Rosa, located within a beautiful landscape of mountains and forest. The adventure continues 45 minutes more to Manizales, which is the largest place for coffee production in Colombia. There is also the third tallest cathedral in Latin America, The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary (Manizales Cathedral.)

If you travel 50 minutes from Pereira towards the south, you will discover the impressive multi-colored buildings of Salento, which contain many galleries and artisans. Next to Salento is the Cocora Valley; famous for its 60m high wax palm trees, the quality of trout, camping, horseback riding, bird watching, and fishing. Continue for another 40 minutes and you will find Armenia, which is the gateway to Los Nevada’s National Park and contains the Coffee Park also. There you can see the complete production of coffee, from planting the seedlings to the roasting of the coffee beans and the finished product.
Throughout the Coffee Zone, there are many farms to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

In addition to enjoying the great view of the immense coffee plantations, you can participate in the production and drink a cup of some of the freshest coffee in the world. Apart from the farms, there is also the Ukumarí Biopark that opened its doors in 2015 with animals from all over the world and continues to expand to be the best and largest bio theme park in Latin America reaching 820,000m2.

In short, La Zona Cafetera is an enchanting destination with beautiful villages, farms, rolling mountains full of coffee trees, nature, and much more.

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