Quick step guide to IVA/VAT rebate process

How to request the IVA/VAT tax rebate for foreigners in Colombia

During your time in Colombia, should you purchase items that have attracted IVA/VAT, you may request a refund of the accumulated taxes with an approved electronic invoice provided by the vendor. Be sure to ask for this electronic receipt as any others are not accepted.

Follow these steps before departing Colombia to receive your rebate!

To qualify for the rebate:

* You cannot have dual nationality

* You must be a foreigner visiting Colombia

* Your passport must have a valid TP (tourist) entry stamp


Your passport must have the tourist stamp from Migracíon issued upon entry to Colombia.

Show your original passport and provide a photocopy of your passport and also the entry TP stamp.


Produce the approved original printed, electronic sales invoices relating to the goods purchased. Each invoice must contain your name and passport number.

This invoice must contain a bar code and Cuffe number.

The minimum value on any one invoice must be no less than 127,236 COP.

The goods must be in their original packing for possible inspection.


Complete DIAN (tax authority) form 2737 and be sure to include your credit card information, to receive the rebate.

Download form 2737


Apply for the rebate at the DIAN office before checking in for your flight or use the self-service kiosks for a virtual application.

El Dorado Airport Bogotá
Level 2, entry door 5

José María Córdova Airport Medellín
Level 2, entry door 2 and Level 2, Gate 3

Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport Cali
International Hall
Level 2, Gate 2

International Rafael Núñez Airport Cartagena
International Departures Gate entry


You should receive your rebate to the Visa or Mastercard details you provided on DIAN form 2737 in about ten days.

Be advised that the maximum rebate that you can receive is 200 Tax Value Units (UTV) which equates to 8,482, 400 COP (roughly US$2,154 or euro 1,975).

**Your tax free form must be validated by DIAN before exiting Colombia**

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