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5 star hotels

The Very best 5 Star Hotels in Bogotá, Colombia The level of service in Bogotá’s 5-star hotels is at the top level in the world. This is a city where you can receive the level of service you’re accustomed to and expect nothing less than the perfection you are paying for! Bogotá is a city...
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The Best Five 5-Star Hotels in Medellin, Colombia We have to be honest with you, and let you know there are a number of quality 5-star hotels in Medellín that would look right at home on this list of the very best 5-star Medellin hotels. This could easily have been the top 1o, top 12,...
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The 5 Best 5 Star Hotels in Cartagena, Colombia With so many quality hotels in Cartagena, this was a really tough list to create. But after much debate and taking into account the overall style, location, quality of service, general accessibility, we’ve created our list of the 5 very best 5-star hotels in Cartagena, Colombia....
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