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Coffee zone

Colombia is a country full of contrasts and natural wealth, where known and strangers get drunk with the magical landscapes offered by their different regions. In the coffee zone of the department of Quindío, is the municipality of Calarcá; only 7km from Armenia, its capital; ready to offer its visitors beautiful landscapes adorned with the...
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Eco-tourism has been growing very fast in Colombia since 2012, when peace negotiations between the FARC and Colombian government began in Cuba. Places that in the past were not possible to visit now receive tourists from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Many hikes through the jungles and experience the wildlife firsthand,...
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Pereira is located in the center of the Coffee Triangle, with the Hot Springs of Santa Rosa and Manizales to the North; and Salento and Armenia to the south. In every direction from Pereira, there are many fincas (country estate) and beautiful plantations of coffee and platano (similar to bananas). Just outside of Pereira is...
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