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Los Nevados de Colombia is a group of 5 ice-capped volcanoes in the Andes mountain range, which include the Tolima, Santa Isabel, Quindio, Machin, and the largest of them all the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano. (Nevado means “snow-covered” in Spanish), The Nevado del Ruiz is known as a stratovolcano, with a conical shape consisting of many layers of...
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What you didn’t know about Tayrona National Park If this isn’t your first search result on Tayrona National Park (and it probably isn’t because this is by far the most popular Colombian National Park), you probably think you know everything there is to know about it because of the many sources that provide relatively valuable...
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An adventure of Los Nevados National Park, Colombia. There are destinations on this planet that seem to be created and destined to be the scenario where great adventures take place. Most of them are man-made and are usually located in large touristic complexes. And of course, visiting them can be quite an expense for the...
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