Luxury Retreats: 4-Star Accommodations in the Colombia Coffee Zone Part 2 We work with and recommend booking flights with www.kiwi.com La...
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Coffee Zone History

Coffee Zone History The coffee axis area, Eje Cafetero, is located in the centre west of Colombia and rises above the...
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Colombian Coffee Zone Weather and Climate

Historical Weather And Climate Facts of the Eje Cafetero (and clothing recommendations) – The Colombian Coffee Zone! We work with and...
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Top 5 Salento Cafes

The 5 Very Best Cafes in Salento, Colombia Colombia is world-famous for its coffee, and there’s no better place to enjoy...
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Top 5 Salento Restaurants

The 5 Very Best Restaurants in Salento, Colombia Salento is best known for the delicious coffee grown in the hills and...
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Top Luxury Salento Hotels

The Very Best 4 and 5 Star Hotels in Salento, Colombia Looking for luxury accommodations in Salento?  While there aren’t large...
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Top 3 Star Salento Hotels

The Very Best 3 Star Hotels in Salento, Colombia One of the great things about a visit to Salento in the...
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LA ZONA CAFETERA (The coffee zone)

Pereira is located in the center of the Coffee Triangle, with the Hot Springs of Santa Rosa and Manizales to the...
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