The Lost City Climate and Elevation

Climate Overview

Colombia is one of the most diverse countries when it comes to climate. Ranging in elevation from sea level to nearly 19,000 ft, the weather can change quickly depending on where you go. The Lost Lost City Treks are located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region and leave daily from the city of Santa Marta.

The weather in this region is warm and wet year round. It is the jungle! With the average highs in the upper 80’s (around 30° C), having streams to jump into periodically will be a nice treat to cool you off during your trek. The lows in the evening tend to stay in the upper 60’s (around 20° C), which is why a warm sleeping bag is not needed for this expedition.

As a general rule the driest months are January, February, March, April and December; and the wettest month being October. So if you are able to adjust your trip, we would recommend doing your Lost City trek another time of the year.

We’ve found this page to be very helpful when checking the average weather conditions for Santa Marta.

See current weather conditions Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia here. (http://www.mountain­­Nevada­de­Santa­Marta/forecasts/1000)

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Lost City high and low Temperatures