Top 5 Best Bogotá Cafes

The Very Best 5 Cafes in Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia is world-famous for its coffee, and it just so happens there are plenty of great cafes in the country’s capital city of Bogotá.  Here you can see a rundown of the best cafes in Bogotá to visit and enjoy the perfect cup of liquid gold!

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  1. Amor Perfecto
Source: Amor Cafe
Source: Amor Cafe

The choice for the top spot on this list of the best cafes in Bogotá is Amor Perfecto.  They claim the secret to their coffee is that it is roasted with lots of love.  They are also committed to ensuring that great coffee isn’t just exported but enjoyed in the country.

While their coffees are sold around the country, in Bogotá, you can enjoy it at 4 spots that they call Centros de Experencias.  However, the best spot is their full cafe in Chapinero, which has a nice lounge area.  The wonderful coffee and nice spot to sit and enjoy it, rather with friends or by yourself, take the top spot for the best Bogotá cafes.

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  1. Varietale
Source: Varietale
Source: Varietale

Varietale considers themselves amigos of good coffee and also ships their coffees around the country.  However, in the capital, you can enjoy it at their cafe location in Chapinero near the Javeriana University.  With a pretty outdoor patio and garden, it’s a nice place to enjoy a coffee along with some fresh air.  There you can order varieties from around Colombia and also enjoy breakfast or pastries.  They also have tea on offer if you’ve already done enough sampling of coffee from these best Bogotá cafes.


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  1. Cafe Casa Galeria
Source: Cafe Casa Galeria
Source: Cafe Casa Galeria

Casa Galeria is located along Bogotá’s Callejón del Embudo, where some of the best street art in Bogotá is found.  Nestled in among the colorful graffiti and hipster dive bars is this historic house that doubles as an art gallery and one of the best cafes in Bogotá.

They serve up a variety of coffees in different presentations as well as homemade baked goods.  Choose to sit in the windows overlooking this famous narrow alleyway or in the pretty courtyard in the back.


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  1. Arte y Pasión

Arte y Pasión is committed to sustainability and using coffee as a way to improve economic conditions for Colombia’s farmers.  For that reason, they don’t package their coffee under their own brand but help farmers develop their own brands, provide roasting, and then sell their coffees.  They also have a barista school.

Source: Arte y Pasión

You can enjoy their coffees at two locations in Bogotá.  One is located on Calle 16 and the other is on Calle 10 in the heart of historic Bogotá.  No matter which location you go to, you’re sure to enjoy the coffee and enjoy supporting small producers at this top Bogotá cafe.

  1. Azahar
Source: Azahar Cafe
Source: Azahar Cafe

This coffee company is located in the heart of Colombia’s coffee-producing region in Quindio.  Luckily though, they have two great locations to sample their coffee in Bogotá.  One is located by Parque 93, while the other is located in Nogal.  That has it rounding out our list of the best cafes in Bogotá.

It takes its name from the name of the coffee tree’s blossom.  They search for the best coffee in Colombia, and while they export much of it, they do hold on to some to serve up at their locations here in Colombia.  They also commit to paying their farmer’s fair prices for top-quality coffee, allowing them to maintain relationships with those small producers and consistently have top-notch beans.

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