Top 5 Medellin Restaurants

The Very Best 5 Restaurants in Medellin, Colombia

Want to plan your dining experience as well as your tours in Medellín? Then this is the blog you’ve been craving for. Learn all about the best places to eat in Medellín on this list of the 5 very best restaurants in Medellín, Colombia.

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  1. Mondongo’s
Source: Mondongos

If you’re looking for the best restaurant in Medellín to sample traditional Colombian favorites, look no further than Mondongo’s.  Named after the soup mondongo, made from tripe or cow stomach, Mondongo’s was founded in 1976 and has been a local favorite ever since.

However, even if tripe isn’t your fancy (it is a bit of an acquired taste), this is a great spot to try lots of other traditional dishes.  The Bandeja Paisa, known on the menu here as the Típica Antiqueño is a must-try in Medellín.  There are two locations of this top Medellín restaurant, and it’s a good chance to try traditional favorites at reasonable prices.

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  1. Restaurante Barcal

If Mondongo’s is traditional Colombian comfort food, Barcal takes traditional Colombian fare and adds creative touches and the latest culinary techniques to create a high-end dining experience and land it as one of the best restaurants in Medellín.

Source: Barcal

Prices here are on the higher end and there are multiple courses set tasting menus with each combination created to take you on a trip through Colombia’s different regions and its diversity.  Therefore picky eaters may want to look elsewhere on this list of best Medellín restaurants, but for those looking to try gourmet takes on traditional ingredients while learning a bit about Colombia’s different food traditions, this makes a great experience.

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  1. Carmen Restaurante
Source: Carmen

Inside a former house in El Poblado, next up on this list of best restaurants in Medellín is Carmen.  It offers contemporary cuisine that uses lots of Colombian ingredients to create flavorful dishes to go along with a craft cocktail menu and top-quality wine list.  The variety and flavor on the menu combine with a warm and homey atmosphere.

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  1. Malanga del Tropico

For those looking on this list of best restaurants in Medellín that want a taste of Colombia’s coast while nestled among the mountains of its interior, look no further than Malanga del Tropico.

Source: Malanga

Based on the culinary traditions and traditional foods from Colombia’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts, it’s no surprise that the seafood shines here, and it’s one of the best seafood restaurants in Medellín.  However, the land lovers can also try traditional pork, chicken, or beef dishes from the coast, like the Cartagena favorite Posta beef roast.

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The colorful decoration and vibe add to the coastal feel, and they are well known for top-flight service.  Malanga del Tropico is located in Laureles.

  1. Tabún
Source: El Tabún

If you’ve done the sampling of all the local and traditional Colombian-inspired food at places higher up on this list of best restaurants in Medellín and are on the lookout for more international cuisine, Tabún offers delicious Middle Eastern food.

You’ll find Arabic, Israeli, and Indian-inspired dishes here.  Colombia has a small, but significant Arabic immigrant community and this is some of the best and most authentic Arabic cuisine around.  Located in Poblado, come here to get something a bit different during your time in Medellín.

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