The 5 Very Best Restaurants in Salento, Colombia

Salento is best known for the delicious coffee grown in the hills and wonderful valleys that surround it.  However, you can’t live on coffee alone!  Read on here to learn about the best restaurants in Salento, Colombia. *We work with and recommend booking flights with

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Source:Etnia, Arte y Sabor
  1. Etnia, Arte y Sabor
Source: Etnia, Arte y Sabor

With a name that translates as ethnicity, art, and flavor, it’s no surprise Etnia, Arte y Sabor tops this list of best restaurants in Salento.  The restaurant serves up traditional, local fare prepared to perfection.  It is also well known for its vegetarian dishes, a bonus for vegetarian travelers, who often have a hard time finding much variety in Colombia.  With traditional comfort food like the local favorite trucha, trout, along with the vegetarian options lands this place firmly atop the list of the best places to eat in Salento.

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  1. Beta Town Bar and Grill
Source: Beta Town Bar and Grill

The next spot on this list of the best Salento restaurants is a great bar and grill located on the edge of townBeta Town offers up a large menu with a range of dishes, but the grilled fish and steaks really shine.  A family-run establishment, it also offers up a nice and friendly atmosphere.  You can even play Tejo here, a favorite Colombian sport that is sort of like a mix between horseshoes, bocce ball, and cornhole, except that the targets have gunpowder and explode when you hit them!  It makes for a fun and memorable post-dinner activity after enjoying the great food at this great place to eat in Salento.

  1. Cumana Bistro Food
Source: Cumana Bistro Food

Next up on this list of the best places to eat in Salento is a Venezuelan restaurantCumana Bistro serves up flavorful dishes with big portions at fair prices.  Many of their dishes are also vegetarian-friendly, while the carnivores will be satisfied with the meats here as well.  The food is well presented and is likely to leave everyone satisfied, landing it squarely on this list of the best Salento restaurants.

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  1. Quindu
Source: Quindu
Source: Quindu

Located in the heart of town, Quindu Restaurante is next on this list of the best places to have a meal in Salento.  The restaurant is located in the upstairs of the Salento Real Hotel.  The terrace seating atop the hill is gorgeous, and this is also one of the best places to enjoy cocktails in Salento.  However, the food is terrific as well.  You will find a mix of Colombian and international dishes here.  The nice atmosphere makes it an especially good place for where to have a romantic dinner in Salento.


  1. Brunch de Salento
Source: Brunch de Salento

Last up on this list of best restaurants to try in Salento, is Brunch de Salento.  The main offering here is, you guessed it, breakfast.  However, the menu has something for everyone with great burgers, salads, vegetarian options, and even soups served in bread bowls.  The owner spent much of his life living in the United States and the varied menu reflects that.  Whether you are in fact coming here for a mid-morning brunch, popping in for a light lunch, or looking to enjoy a few drinks and refuel after a day hiking in the Cocora Valley, Brunch de Salento will have you covered, making it another great option for where to eat in Salento.

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Source: Brunch de Salento

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