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4 Days Living the Casanare Culture

Exploring not just one piece of this wonderful savannah, you'll be traveling each day by horseback to discover new amazing sightings […]

3 Days Caño Cristales, 5 Colored River

Explore the magnificent location of the Macarena for 3 days of hiking and enjoying the site of the most beautiful river […]
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4 Days Pacific Coast Whale Watching

... fantastico location to disconnect from the world and embrace nature... massive humpback whales visit every year between the months of […]
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4 Days Amazon Wonders

Sleeping in an eco-lodge surrounded by jungle and...Amazon River...Wake to the songs of the birds and monkeys... Explore the jungle during […]
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3 Days Casanare – Colombian Cowboys and Wildlife

...Colombian wildlife... Capybaras, deer, babillas (small alligator), caiman, wild horses, palm and honey bears, iguanas, ducks, howler monkeys, owls, armadillos, foxes, […]

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