April 17, 2023

Safety Tips for Colombia

Safety Tips for Colombia Colombia is a South American country with a less-than-stellar reputation for drug wars and violence. Despite its...
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Popayán History

Popayán History Popayán is one of Colombia’s prettiest historic cities. Centered around a small gathering of white ornamental churches, colonial mansions,...
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San Agustín History

History The town of San Agustín was founded between the years 1608 and 1612 and from the moment of arrival, there...
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Is Colombia Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is Colombia Safe for Solo Female Travellers? If Colombia once had an unsavoury reputation, today it is a solo traveller’s dream,...
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Santa Marta History

Santa Marta History Santa Marta is positioned in a small bay on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, to the east-northeast of the...
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