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February 13, 2021
The Best Five 5-Star Hotels in Medellin, Colombia We have to be honest with you, and let you know there are a number of quality 5-star hotels in Medellín that would look right at home on this list of the very best 5-star Medellin hotels. This could easily have been the top 1o, top 12,...
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The 5 Best 4-star Hotels in Medellín, Colombia Craving for just a little bit more comfort during your Medellin vacation?  We hear ya and after evaluating the hundreds of options available in Medellín we’ve created for you our list of the very best 4-star hotels in Medellin, Colombia. Considering all things needed to provide a...
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The 5 Best 3-Star Hotels in Medellin, Colombia For those budget-conscious amongst us, who prefer to spend most of their time outside of the hotel enjoying more experiences at the best destinations of the world, we’ve created this list of the very best 3-star hotels in Medellín, Colombia. With each and everyone able to provide...
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