Top 3 Star Medellín Hotels

The 5 Best 3-Star Hotels in Medellin, Colombia

For those budget-conscious amongst us, who prefer to spend most of their time outside of the hotel enjoying more experiences at the best destinations of the world, we’ve created this list of the very best 3-star hotels in Medellín, Colombia. With each and everyone able to provide you a comfortable stay during your Medellín vacation.

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  1. Hotel Medellín Gold

With a name like Hotel Medellín Gold, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this hotel lands first on the list of best 3-star accommodations in Medellín.  Besides the lounge and bar on-site, Hotel Medellín Gold’s rooms all come with a seating area and are nicely furnished in an elegant but modern and sleek style.  Group rooms with multiple beds make this an especially good option for families looking for 3-star hotels in Medellín.

Source: Hotel Medellin Gold

In the upscale neighborhood of Laureles, it also has a nice location.  There are plenty of restaurants nearby, and you are only a short taxi ride away from the best nightlife in Medellín.

  1. Hotel Vivre
Source: Hotel Vivre

Also located in Laureles, Hotel Vivre is next on this list of the best Medellín 3-star hotels.  There is a restaurant and bar on-site and some rooms here have a seating area.

What you’ll really like about this top 3-star hotel in Medellín though are the rooms.  Spacious with big beds, there are also neat paintings in every room, giving them a nice and warm ambiance You’ll also be close to plenty of restaurants and places to go out and enjoy in the evening.

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  1. Hotel Loyds

Located just a short walk from El Poblado Park and the nearby Metro Station, Hotel Loyds lands next on this list of best Medellín 3-star hotels.  You’ll find standard but nice rooms here that are spacious and have big, comfortable beds to go with modern and colorful but sleek décor.

Source: Hotel Loyds

There are larger, group-style rooms as well as rooms that have desks and sitting areas, making this a great option for families, couples, or business travelers.  The location means it’s close to plenty of restaurants and cafes as well.

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  1. Ibis Medellín
Source Hotel Ibis Medellin

Ibis Medellín is next up on this list of best Medellín 3 star hotels.  This relatively new chain of hotels in Colombia offers nice, comfortable, modern accommodations that are a good fit for just about any traveler.

Source Hotel Ibis Medellin

Ibis Medellín is located just a short walk from the city center and there are shopping, restaurants, and bars close by.  The hotel is just a short walk away from the Modern Art Museum as well.  The onsite restaurant also makes it easy for guests to feel they have everything they need at this 3-star hotel in Medellín.

  1. 61 Prado Hotel
Source: 61 Prado Hotel

This top 3-star hotel in Medellín is located in the mostly residential neighborhood of El Prado and offers a feeling closer to a guesthouse or bed and breakfast than a traditional hotel.  The rooms here are not only equipped with a desk but also are spacious and bright and offer a homey, cozy feel.

There is a rooftop terrace and the large home turned guest house will have any traveler feeling comfortable, whether you are traveling as a family, a couple, or on a business trip.  It also offers easy access to public transportation with a Metro station only a short walkway.

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