February 7, 2023

Kipara TE Indigenous

Kipara TE Indigenous An early morning flight from Medellín to Nuquí sets one up perfectly for the exciting next few days....
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Caño Cristales Blog

Caño Cristales Blog According to local legend, the Caño Cristales River escaped from paradise to wander among the mountains and prairies....
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Guatape History

Guatape History Guatapé is a small Antioquian pueblo known as one of the most colorful and beautiful towns in all of...
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Amazon History

Amazon History The history of the Amazon region in Colombia dates back to the year 1532 when colonization by the Spanish...
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Tayrona Park History

Tayrona Park History El Parque Nacional Tayrona was first established in 1964 in recognition of its importance as a place of...
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