Kipara TE Indigenous

Kipara TE Indigenous

An early morning flight from Medellín to Nuquí sets one up perfectly for the exciting next few days.
Departing from the handy downtown airport, the views of Medellín are impressive. The massive Andes surround the city on two sides, with the morning sun eerily peeping over the peaks.
Heading west towards the Pacific is always exhilarating. The vast expanse of ocean on one side and dense, virgin jungle on the other, with just a narrow strip for the shoreline. A dramatic contrast with Medellín.

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Nuqui, Pacific Coast
View Nuqui from Plane

*Nuqui is best reached by plane from Medellin. Check all our day tours options here and transportation options here

Even though it is still early in the day, already it is very warm and humid. Quite a delight then to take the motorised canoe up the Chori river to where the indigenous settlement is located in Puerto Jagua, a journey of approximately 45 minutes. It is amazing how impenetrable the jungle on either side appears.
Kiphar Te is a property project for the indigenous community Ember Phusabidara, with a population of less than four hundred. There are three tambos (houses) that can each accommodate eight guests. There are five different eco trails, two waterfalls body painting experiences and traditional dancing and music.

Kipara Te Community

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A local greeting upon arrival is almost emotional as the enthusiasm of the indigenous is genuine and heartfelt. Here is a project that was born from the bowels of the jungle, by and for the indigenous, an experience where ancestral knowledge and modern techniques merge.

Greeting, Kipara TE

Walking around the community is remarkable as traditional values have been preserved while state-of-the-art technology has been applied.
After such an early start to the day, lunch is more than appreciated. Starting with the famous cheese soup,
with lots of cheese, pasta and potatoes, seasoned with garlic, onion and chicken broth. Delicious.
Corn rice with river shrimp follows. Corn is ground to get the juice in which the rice is cooked This combined with special local herbs and spices gives the rice a special texture and unique flavour that will awaken your taste buds.

An afternoon hike along one of the trails brings you to the Lumero waterfall. As observed from the canoe, the jungle is intense and untouched. *Complete your Nuquí experience and check out our 4-Day Pacific Coast Adventure

Indigenous in Jungle, Kiparate

Dinner is amazing with fried fish from the river, seasoned with bocachico, bardudo and foforro, served with nailed rice. The rice is toasted for a few minutes, then water is added until that in turn reduces and then small cheese cubes are added. The rice takes on the flavor of the cheese and with the heat the cheese melts, producing a unique and rich sensation on the pallet.

A walk in the dark in search of nocturnal activity is rewarding with a number of reclusive creatures encountered.

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Rising early again to take advantage of the cooler morning air, a substantial breakfast with some interesting local twists energizes one for the hike ahead.
Few places gather as much magic and beauty at the same time as this indigenous community of La Jagua. Proceeding along a trail at times barely wide enough to pass through, voluminous feathered friends can be heard and at times seen. Loud colors give them away. Also, frogs and others announce their presence, busily going about their daily business in the thick jungle.

Get all the information you need to start planning your trip to this magnificent destination, check the weather and climate facts of Chocó and Nuqui here!

Returning to your tomba for another stunning lunch of special local delicacies, there is an opportunity to learn how to fish in the artisanal style, preparing fishing gear including nets, lines, hooks and baits for both trawling and using a hand-held line as well as with a rod.

Kipara TE indiginous traditions

Nightfall brings you home to enjoy the peace and serenity of Kipara Te.

n the morning you will experience a sacred body painting ceremony and also watch handcrafts such as chaquira weaving or werengue basketry and wood carving. Many of these are available for purchase.

Handcraft Kiparate

Now you board the canoe to return to civilization and enjoy the river one final time.

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