5 Best Rainy Day Activities in Cartagena

5 Best Rainy Day Activities in Cartagena, Colombia

Although Cartagena is the Jewel of Colombia and located in the heart of a tropical paradise, unfortunately, every day of your vacation may not be full of sunshine, allowing you to visit tropical islands, beaches, and other outdoor activities. For this reason, we have created for you our top 5 rainy day activities in Cartagena, Colombia.

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  1. Visit the Naval Museum
Navel Museum Cartagena

As you explore Cartagena in the sunshine, its beautiful colonial-era architecture and imposing city wall and fortifications are testaments to its history and important role as a Spanish colonial center of trade and power.  That also made it a target of pirates and foreign enemies of Spain.

So, if you’re wondering what to do on a rainy day in Cartagena, why not learn more about that history at the city’s Naval Museum?  There you will find exhibits on the founding of the city, the attacks on it, its important role in the fight for Colombia’s independence, and the modern Colombian navy.

It’s the most informative history museum in the city.  Interactive exhibits like a ship mast you can turn to imagine you are sailing to Havana and other former colonial cities and models of a modern naval ship and submarine will also make it fun for the young or simply young at heart members of your group looking for good Cartagena rainy day activities.

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  1. Make Your Own Chocolate at the Choco Museo
Choco Museo Cartagena
Choco Museo chocolate workshop.
Source: Chocomuseo

Another fun rainy day activity in Cartagena for the younger visitors is making your own chocolate at the Choco Museo.  In addition to learning a bit more about the cultivation and production of chocolate, you’ll get to make some of your own to take home, complete with sprinkles, nuts, and other toppings of your choice.

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For the adults, there’s also a longer and more complete workshop where you’ll learn even more about the chocolate production process.  Don’t worry, you get to make your own chocolate too.  There are also some great souvenirs to be had here with all sorts of things made from chocolate, even chocolate pasta, cigars, and lip-gloss.  A unique and fun experience, a visit to the Choco Museo is another of the best rainy day activities in Cartagena.

  1. Do a Coffee Tasting
Coffee Tasting – Chemex method

Colombia is world-renowned for its coffee, with the unique geography of the country allowing for two harvest seasons in its coffee-growing region.  That means you won’t want to miss out on a chance to sample some during your time in Cartagena.

Coffee Tour
Coffee tasting – Cupping

And if you’re going to be stuck inside anyway, why not also learn a few of the finer points of your favorite pick me up beverage?  You can do that by doing a coffee tasting, where you’ll learn more about the production of coffee and different preparations.  It’s a fun experience and will give you a greater appreciation of all that goes into your tasty cup of coffee.

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  1. Visit the San Pedro Claver Church
San Pedro Claver, Source: San Pedro Claver

San Pedro Claver is considered the patron saint of human rights for his work converting and promoting better treatment of the slaves brought to Cartagena.

San Pedro Claver Church

Today, the church where he spent much of his life bears his name and is the neatest church to visit in Cartagena, which makes it another one of the best things to do on a rainy day in Cartagena.

Besides the beautiful architecture of the church itself, there is a museum in the adjoining cloisters.  There you’ll see historic religious relics used in Cartagena, art depicting the life of Pedro Claver, and another gallery of locally made art.  You can also see Claver’s humble living quarters and even see his bones lying under the altar as well.

Seeing this church where Pope Francis gave a mass and learning more about Claver makes for another great option for what to do in Cartagena on a rainy day.

  1. Visit the Palacio de la Inquisition
Drakes Plan of assault, Source: Palacio de la Inquisition

If you want to learn a bit more about the darker side of the church in Cartagena, then consider including the Palacio de la Inquisition in your rainy-day activities in Cartagena.  The historic building housed the offices of the Spanish Inquisition during the colonial era.

Slave Documents, Source: Palacio de la Inquisition

While the actions carried out by the Inquisition in Cartagena paled in comparison to those in Spain itself, you can see a number of torture devices on display and exhibits on the history of the Inquisition.  Upstairs, the building also houses the official, so you’ll also be able to learn more about the city’s history here as well, making it another great option for how to spend a rainy day in Cartagena.

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