Barichara – Beauty, History and Tradition

This beautiful town is located 110 kilometers from Bucaramanga, the capital of the department of Santander in Colombia, is embodied in beauty, history, and tradition. Its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings of tapia, which are mixed with religious fervor and the kindness of its people, is a tourist attraction for all those who want to enjoy a place full of magic.

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Barichara promises tranquility with a wide range of lodgings and rich cuisine but also has great offers for those who are riskier and adventurous, proposing a few activities such as torrents, rafting, rappelling, or boating, so this place is a destination that no one can miss. And of course, it’s just a 30-minute drive to San Gil the extreme sports center of the world!

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What do we find in Barichara and its surroundings?

Legend says that a peasant many years ago discovered engraved on a stone the figure of the virgin Mary, and that despite the disbelief of the pastor at the time, he managed to gather many parishioners, who soon erected a church that would become a heritage building of a municipality that is currently considered the most beautiful town in Colombia. You’ll find many tourists and devotees attracted to this site at any time of the year.

Street, Barichara
Street, Barichara
Barichara offers:
  • History in each of its streets, houses and churches, so that its visitors can take a walking tour on their own or with tourist guides, which indicates the emblematic places like the house of the pigeons, the royal road, the cathedral of Barichara and other beautiful chapels such as Santa Barbara and The Risen Jesus.
  • Gastronomy with dishes that contain exotic ingredients that make them unique and may not be found elsewhere. Among the most entertaining dishes of this place is the Camuro or roasted or fried goat; the Culona ants that become a delicious snack, the Pepitoria that contains goat visors mixed with species and rice, plus rich desserts prepared with cider, celery, rice, or goat’s milk.
  • Architecture and colonial heritage can be glimpsed by visiting the houses made with compacted yellow earth, which fill wooden structures to shape constructions with dazzling interior courtyards and large windows, which have been preserved in time and are the pride of a town that protects their identity that dates from the eighteenth century. This is one of the main reasons this beautiful town is included within 17 heritage towns of Colombia.
  • View, BaricharaEnjoy dream viewpoints such as the natural viewpoint of Salto del Mico or the viewpoint of Barichara, where visitors are carried away by the beautiful landscapes and biodiversity of the region, while leaving space for contemplation, allowing sounds and nature’s colors to envelop them, in the same way, that you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Suarez river canyon and some nearby municipalities, which manage to disconnect your guests from the routine and stress of everyday life.

Barichara and its surroundings offer beauty, history, tradition, architecture, religiosity, gastronomy, and adventure, that is why this is a destination that must be included in your next trip to Colombia.

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