Christmas in Colombia: A Place Full Of Light

Christmas in Colombia: A Place Full Of Light

It’s Christmas time! 

Colombians start preparing for this special time very early in November. From Christmas lights to the Little Candles Day, this strongly Catholic country celebrates the birth of Jesus, as well as the opportunity to meet with loved ones. 

Learn how Colombians make the most of the happiest season of the year

The Lighting Tradition that inaugurates Christmas Time: 

National Geographic named Medellin as one of the most Dazzling Holiday Light displays around the world. The city lights up and streets are illuminated by thousands of lights, along the Medellin River. For Colombians, going out to see the lights is a perfect activity to share with family and friends. Although this Christmas tradition can be enjoyed in various parts of the world, it will always be amazing to visit Colombia in December and discover the lights that each city offers.

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Colombia Christmas Lights in Medellin
Christmas Lights along the Medellin River, Source:
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Day of the Little Candles:

It takes place on December 7. On this night, millions of families gather outside their houses to light candles, this is to light the way for the Virgin Mary to bless them. For believers, this fills their homes with blessings. That same day, thousands of fireworks are also set off. 

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Colombia Christmas Xmas candles

Credits: Jose Darío Ramírez Jimenez (YouTube)

Christmas Novena: 

This is similar to the Advent Calendar but with a religious turn. For 9 days before Christmas Day (24th of December) all neighbors gather around the Christmas tree to say their prayers, otherwise known as Aguinaldos. Children often go to different houses and are given sweets for attending the event. This is organized by the parents around the neighborhood. 

Christmas Eve (more important in Colombia than Christmas Day) 

On the last day of the Novena, families often gather to prepare Christmas Eve Dinner. Colombians are not shy when it comes to food. It’s normal and expected to eat until loosening your belt.

Some of the most common Christmas meals:

  • Stuffed Turkey
  • Bunuelos
  • Natilla
  • Tamales
  • Empanadas
Colombia Christmas food
Colombia Christmas food

Credits: Tierra Colombiana 

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