Skybound Colombia: Exploring from Above with Helicopter Tours

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Helicopter charter flights are a fabulous way to reduce travel time and stress while magnifying your Colombian vacation experience.

Customized helicopter flights can serve as aerial tours, providing unparalleled views of regions such as Chicamoya Canyon, the Pacific Coast, or La Cuidad Perdida (Lost City).

Helicopter day tours can be arranged from places starting in locations such as Cartagena, Bogotá, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Eje Cafetero (Coffee Triangle) and Medellín.

Custom flights can also be arranged from and to virtually anywhere in the country.

Here are some examples of popular helicopter tours


Helicopter day trips to the Eje Cafetero are available from Pereira, with an average flight time of 90 minutes from the former.

Fly to a traditional coffee farm in Risaralda/Quindio region.  The flight will take you over the stunning emerald landscape of the Cócora Valley and the ever-popular traditional pueblo (town) of Salento. 

In this verdant region, as far as the eye can see, the rolling hills and steep mountain slopes are covered with small-scale coffee plantations.

From the view above you can appreciate the scale and immensity of the area and the volume of coffee produced in Eje Cafetero.

As part of your day, BnB Colombia Tours will arrange a visit to one of these farms to observe the cultivation and harvesting of the coffee beans. Then, you will have the opportunity to participate in the roasting process before sampling the finest coffee in a private tasting.

Other activities during the day can include rafting on a fast-flowing river, zip-lining across coffee farms, horseback riding, hiking and off-road adventures in classic Willys Jeeps.


One of the most cherished day trips by helicopter is the flight to Villa de Leyva, departing from Bogotá.

With a flight time of around an hour and a half, Villa de Leyva is found in the Cordillera Oriental at nearly 2,134m/7,000 feet above sea level. This most delightful historical town was declared to be of national interest in 1954, respecting its well-preserved colonial architecture and history.

Highlights include visits to the homes of independence leaders Antonio Ricaurte and Antonio Nariño, Plaza Grande (the largest one in South America), a paleontological museum and several stately colonial churches.

Superb gastronomy in Villa de Leyva seals a most wonderful adventure.


Flying over the convergence of three large canyons – Chicamocha, Suárez and Sogamoso is truly eye-opening. The enormity and merging colors will make you want to hover over it to take everything in.

Zapatoca is a municipality renowned for its natural and cultural attractions. With an average temperature of 20c/68f, it has earned the nickname ‘The town with silk-like climate’. Also, famous for its beautiful facades, featuring architectural styles ranging from colonial to republican, adorned with vibrant flowers.

Zapatoca is unique in Colombia and the entire continent thanks to its geological heritage, which includes the best-preserved rock sequence from the Early Cretaceous.

Learn about the history of the sea that existed in Colombia approximately 135 million years ago, featuring unique fossils found nowhere else in the world. 

This day trip to Zapatoca is remarkable for the topography from the heights and the beauty of the town and its people. The fabulous VIP lunch and the finer details ensure the most perfect days.


Take your helicopter over the Chicamocha Canyon towards Barichara, which is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque settlements in Colombia.

Explore the charming plazas and side streets of Barichara on foot and enjoy a specially arranged VIP lunch set at one of the miradors surveying the sensational countryside.

Bnb Colombia Tours can also devise multi-day adventure itineraries with personal guides, using Barichara as a base. You have the opportunity to stay in boutique hotels or magnificent private homes.

Participate in a range of activities from mountain biking and hiking to white water rafting and rappelling. Whenever you are ready to return to the city, embark upon your private helicopter for another eye-opening flight.


Fly by helicopter to Chivor, Boyacá, to witness the exploration of Colombia’s iconic gemstone mines. You will skim over the Boyacense mountain tops gazing down on the untouched páramo, for the most amazing experience.

Bnb Colombia Tours will organize your day including a visit to one of the working emerald mines to understand the complexity of extracting the dazzling jewels from the rock.

A VIP picnic luncheon perched high on the mountain top with appropriate libations is a highlight. The return flight takes you over Sabana de Bogotá and the incredible Laguna de Guatativa.


Cartagena is truly one of the most amazing locations for private helicopter flights and day trips. Flight options range from discovering the Walled City and Getsemaní to Cerro de la Popa and the modern skyscraper buildings of Bocagrande. 

Further out explore the Rosario Islands for a magic day of sun, beach and glistening turquoise waters. All these adventures can be combined with a stay at a boutique hotel or private island.

Personal speedboats, snorkeling trips, VIP poolside lunches and more all await you. Return to Cartagena with a scintillating sunset flight.


Here is an example of a truly magical flight that will amaze from beginning to end and it can only be appreciated in the fullest from the air.

Your VIP helicopter departs early in the morning from Mamancana Natural Reserve. The flight path will cover these stunning sites:

  • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Ciudad Perdida
  • The Kogui Indigenous Community
  • Tayrona
  • Don Diego River

Flying firstly over the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta towards La Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). Landing here is not permitted, hence the early start to the day for the best viewing of La Cuidad Perdida.

Alight at the Kogui Indigenous community center to learn all about their customs and culture.

Indulge in a magnificent typical indigenous lunch before continuing, to absorb the spectacular views of Tayrona. Complete your incredible journey at the mouth of the Don Diego River, from where you can observe the confluence of the river’s fresh waters with the salty Caribbean.


Take a helicopter ride across the Bogotá Savanna, northward towards Zipaquira, to the fabulous Salt Cathedral. You will land at the private facilities of a salt mine to explore the cultural, historical and scientific heritage of the Cathedral built deep inside a mine.

Enjoy a champagne lunch before your afternoon return to Bogotá. 

Bnb Colombia Tours will organize private helicopter flights within Colombia and across the region for you. Be aware that all helicopter flights are weather-dependent and at times have to be rescheduled.

If you are seeking travel within Colombia that is beyond the ordinary, turn your dreams into memories by contacting us today.

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