Calle Real, Salento
Calle Real, Salento

Eco-tourism has been growing very fast in Colombia since 2012, when peace negotiations between the FARC and Colombian government began in Cuba. Places that in the past were not possible to visit now receive tourists from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Many hikes through the jungles and experience the wildlife firsthand, or roam through the coffee plantations. Others go for the vast options of extreme sports, beaches, and rivers. And a growing number of scientists are also going to take samples of fauna and flora that is not possible to find anywhere else in the world. *We work with and recommend booking flights with

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Coffe Beans, Salento
Coffee Beans, Salento

Drive through the mountains, taking breaks to look at the rolling oceans of coffee trees; this is a unique and special experience that people carry for a lifetime. You can learn about the lives of the coffee farmers, pick coffee and help in the production process. Wake up with the songs of the birds and the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. This is the Zona Cafeteria, where you can truly enjoy the coffee life!

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Colombia is an exceptional country with a lot of nature rarely seen by humans. It is a place full of music and caring people. It is a unique destination in the world with jungles in the Amazon, the Caribbean, and the Andes. If you want to experience the magic of the Colombian nature, walk through the jungles in the company of monkeys; watch the dance of the whales in the Pacific, or giant Leatherback turtles laying eggs and hatching in the Atlantic.

Monkey. Amazonas
Monkey. Amazonas


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Come to Colombia and enjoy the magic of a country where all your dreams can come true!

Many of the visitors are not just tourists, but also biologists who come to Colombia to take samples of plants and insects. This type of visit involves an experience of great emotion, as new species of plants and animals are discovered, with the possibility of finding a cure for different diseases.

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