Helicopter Service Companies in Colombia

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Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena

Taking a helicopter tour in Colombia is the ultimate VIP tour you must try!

However, what can a VIP traveler expect from the helicopter tour?

If a client wishes to fully enjoy and appreciate their time in Colombia to the fullest extent, then a tour from the air will achieve that and more.

Exclusive access

Avoiding the crowds and traffic chaos of the cities, a helicopter tour in Colombia offers a private and exclusive experience with family and friends.

Also, they will have access to places that are not reachable by terrestrial transport. Visit remote villages, waterfalls and mountaintops that are not accessible by any other means.

Luxury service

Clients will expect and receive expect high-end service from the helicopter companies. The choppers have comfortable seats, air conditioning, headphones, music and a wide choice of beverages. Moreover, most special requests for extra amenities, including champagne, chocolates, roses and other items are accommodated.

Breathtaking views

Clients may admire the beauty of Colombia from on high. Witness the extraordinary contrast between the modern world of skyscrapers and the massive green and purple mountains, as well as the colorful neighborhoods of colonial towns. They will feel the excitement of flying over some of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Why choose a helicopter tour when traveling in Colombia?

There are many sound reasons to choose a helicopter tour when traveling around Colombia. Here are some that will be on anyone’s list:

  • It is a unique way to see the diverse topography of Colombia.
  • Flights will give travelers a different perspective of the country.
  • See more places in less time and appreciate the details and nuances of a city and the outlying landscape.
  • Luxuriate in a memorable experience. A helicopter tour will create lasting reminiscences for all those on board.
  • Share an amazing adventure and take stunning photos and videos.
  • A helicopter tour will make you feel proud of yourself for trying something new and challenging.

Feel grateful to witness the beauty and diversity of Colombia from above.

Experience a VIP helicopter tour in Colombia

Taking a helicopter tour in Colombia is the ultimate VIP tour you must try!

It is an amazing experience. Starting with the service upon arrival at the airport, to the inflight attention. 

In this fast-paced world where time is of the essence (even on vacation) you need to know that you can maximize as much vacation time as possible. Bnb Colombia Tours wants you to achieve everything that is on your must-see and do list.

Now that we have access to this new experience of flying by helicopter, you can visit many more towns, beaches, parks and mountain retreats in the time you have.

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Km 10 via, El Peñol-Guatapé #2710
Helipuerto HTS
Guatapé, Antioquia
Tel. +57 319 402 7205

This is one of the largest and most highly experienced helicopter companies in Colombia.

They offer a tremendous variety of tours and excursions for all kinds of different occasions and needs. Choose from scenic flights over the city or go further afield and explore the countryside.

Among the most popular flights from Medellín are Guatapé, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Jardín. From Bogotá, Villa de Leyva, Zipaquira and Barichara are high on the list.

Also, it is possible to book a private flight for a special occasion, such as a marriage proposal, birthday or a significant anniversary.

VIP services are tailor-made for each event.

HeliTours has a fleet of modern and comfortable helicopters with well-trained and experienced pilots.


Nueva zona Aviacion General via Catam 
Entrada 6 Hangar 19, int 3, Bogotá
+57 1 594 0270

HeliCol particularly specializes in aerial photography and filming, however, this company also offers helicopter tours of all types for tourists and locals.

Enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Bogotá with professional, skilled pilots to capture every fantastic moment of an unbelievable experience.

Helicol offers high-quality service and safety standards, with experienced pilots and ground staff.

Fly Colombia

Hangar 67A Calle 5 No 65 E 40
Medellín, Antioquia
Tel. +57 301 640 2620
Email: comercial@flycolombia.com.co

This is another great option for a helicopter tour, particularly from Medellín.

They offer customized and personalized flights for every client so you can design a specific itinerary, choosing the places clients want to see and the time duration of their flight.

Moreover, additional VIP services are well-catered, including champagne, flowers, gourmet dining and other special requests.

Fly Colombia has a team of well-qualified bilingual pilots and guides. They will make the experience truly unforgettable.


Bogotá D.C. – Calle 26 No. 103-08
Entrada 1 Interior 8
Zona Hangares
+57 311 480 4895
email: comercial@helistaraviacion.com


El Dorado Airport
Tel. +57 310 593 2204


Cartagena Int. Airport
Tel. +1 845 622 4885
Email: charter@aeroaffaires.com

AEROAFFAIRES offers a point-to-point helicopter service for those wishing to see and explore the Caribbean coast.

Meicer Aviacion

+52 1 984 185 2531
email: airtaxi@meicer-aviacion.com
(Head office in Mexico)

Premium Jets

Tel. + 52 664 331 4194
Email: ventas@premium-jets.com
(Head Office in Mexico)

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