How Much Money Is a Package Tour of Colombia?

Although Colombia is a developing country it does surprise many travelers that Colombia is not a cheap place to visit. To give you an idea of how to budget for your vacation, at BnB Colombia Tours, our average 10-day package for 2 people is sold for approximately $2,000 USD each. (Read on to find out what’s included in our packages…)

  • Do we sell cheaper packages? Absolutely!
  • Do we sell more expensive packages? Often!
  • Are we expensive? No!

The final travel costs always depend on what you are interested in experiencing, where you would like to experience it, the time of year you will be traveling, and in what style of hotel you’ll be staying. In a number of cases, travelers reduce their costs and enjoy their time a lot more, by breaking up their time in Colombia into separate vacations to different destinations. This might seem a bit of a strange way of saving money, but it can actually work very well. (Read on to find out how these 5 factors will affect the cost of your Colombian holiday…)

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Paragliding, Bucaramanga
Paragliding, Bucaramanga

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What Are Your Interests?

Different experiences, different costs:

Depending on the types of experiences you’d like to enjoy while in Colombia, the value of your tour experience will vary. The higher the costs involved in providing you with the tour or activity the higher the costs for you.  For example, if your main interests are just relaxing by the pool at your hotel, chilling out at the closest beach, or exploring the area by yourself, the costs are going to be very low. But if you actually want to discover the history, architecture, and culture of a region, enjoy an activity or experience such as paragliding, horseback riding, watching leatherback turtles lay eggs and whales swimming by, explore a coffee Finca, a cocoa Finca, panela factory, walk through Amazon jungle, experience magical views, travel to the best beaches, walk/hike/trek the best paths, interact with indigenous tribes, and uncover the true Colombia; then there will be costs involved.

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The main costs involved in every tour are Transportation (driver, fuel, tolls, etc), Guide, Activity/Entrance fees, and administration. The admin fees don’t vary much, but the length of time of a tour (for example, 4, 8, 24, 48hrs, etc), distance from the hotel, entrance/activity fees (for example hiking or paragliding) can differ greatly. 

Amazon Jungle

Where Are Your Interests?

Travel between regions:

Colombia is an amazing country with spectacular experiences to encounter in many different locations. Due to the size, shape, and mountainous geography of the country travel between most cities is best enjoyed by flying. This not only cuts down the traveling time but also the traveling costs. Although things are slowly changing in some areas, for example with the completion of the tunnel between the Coffee Zone and Medellin expected at the end of this year, driving from one region to the other will almost be halved, and will only take around 3 hours. But there are still other much longer distances to travel, such as Bogotá to Cartagena, with an approximate driving time of 17 hours. For this reason, depending on which regions of Colombia you would like to visit the costs of your travel may differ.

Street, Cartagena

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Different regional costs:

Just as in every country, different regions have different costs of living. For example, the cost of accommodation and transportation in Cartagena is much higher than that of the Coffee Zone.

Map of Colombia

Time of year?

Colombia is one of those countries that you can visit any time of the year and you’ll enjoy wonderful experiences. It is also true that Colombia does have a dry and wet season, and this should not affect your travel plans. But if you want to save some costs, then try to travel during the lower seasons of August to mid-November and during May, when your hotel and flight costs will generally be lower. During the high season, you can be sure to pay more for your flights, as well as have difficulty in booking hotels and some tours, as they’re booked months in advance are December to mid-January and the Easter holidays.

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Source: Hotel Terasu Salento

Style of the hotel?

It will come as no surprise that the number of stars a hotel is rated reflects can largely in the price. Other factors can also be the variable style, location, and levels of service of a hotel, such as boutique, glamping, adults-only, resort, retreat, Finca, oceanfront, and shared rooms. Without a doubt, one of the biggest factors in the cost of your vacation in Colombia is the style of accommodation you choose.

Traveling between different regions can not only be costly and tiring but can also take up much of your valuable vacation time.

Wax Palms, Cocora Valley
Wax Palms, Cocora Valley

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Separate Vacations, Different Destinations:

When traveling from one region to another you can spend a lot of time in a car, or in an airport waiting for your flight, flying, and then transferring to your hotel at the other end. For this reason, if you have an interest in experiencing much of what Colombia has to offer, we recommend taking separate vacations to different neighboring regions. Now you may think that I am simply trying to sell you another tour. And in reality, you’re not wrong, as our goal at BnB Colombia Tours is to share with the world as much of the amazingly diverse country of Colombia as possible. But by using this method of separate vacations to different neighboring regions of Colombia, we guarantee that you will enjoy your valuable time here so much more. You won’t be tired from all those early morning pick-ups to get on the road before other traffic or to get to the airport for your pre-flight check-in. Not only will not lose as much time but as transport is such a large cost of a vacation, this method can actually be very beneficial to your bank balance.

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What’s included in our packages?

The packages BnB Colombia Tours provides include as little or as much as you, our traveler request. Every package we create is fully customizable and tailor-made to perfectly match the needs and desires of our travelers. After the first conversation, we’ll send short videos, and itineraries showcasing the main features of the regions of interest. From this point based on the feedback you provide us, we’ll create an itinerary tailored to your wishes and make as many changes as needed to provide you with your perfect Colombian vacation.

Cerro Azul Paintings
Cerro Azul Rock Paintings

Included in our packages are guided tours, private transfers, accommodation, and flights if required. If you wish to book your own accommodation and/or flights, we will do all the research and provide all the information in order for the reservation to be as easy as possible for you. A WhatsApp group is also created especially for your package tour. Within your WhatsApp group is a minimum of two, and a maximum of 4 (including guides, drivers, and travel experts) BnB Colombia Tours team members, ensuring that if you have any questions or require any assistance at any time during your time here in Colombia, we’ll be quick to provide you any help you desire.

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