La Boquilla Mangroves Cartagena

La Boquilla is an unassuming fishing village and beach twenty minutes from Cartagena´s historic quarter.

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Mangroves, Cartagena
Mangroves, Cartagena

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As you travel northward the scenery changes rapidly. Majestic Spanish colonial buildings of the old walled city of Cartagena give way to colorful shacks neighboring the beach.
A long, narrow wooden canoe is your conveyance for the day across the swamp of Don Polo, just large enough to fit four, including the local fisherman who will demonstrate the fishing techniques in place for generations.

Wooden canoe, Mangroves Boquilla.

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Gliding through tunnels of mangroves whose tangled roots form an arch so your canoe can pass, it is an amazingly beautiful and peaceful passage. Different species of birds, dragonflies, crabs, and small fish abound and with a bit of luck maybe a mammal might appear.

Arriving at more open water, the fisherman will show you how to cast a net, the traditional way of fishing in the area. Have a few attempts yourself at throwing the heavy net in such a way that it spreads out evenly over the surface of the water. It will be entertaining trying to cast the net and cheering when you have accomplished the perfect net throw. It is all in the wrist you will be told! You can use the smaller fish you catch as bait for the crab traps. One by one lower the wire boxes into the water, before passing on through more mangrove tunnels.

You will learn about the different types of mangroves, the history of the fishing village, and different things to do around Cartagena.

Returning later to the crab traps, you will transfer the feisty critters into a bucket in the canoe. Some of the more adventurous crabs will no doubt escape and scamper around the bottom of the canoe. You cannot imagine the excitement until you have attempted to paddle a canoe while trying to scoot angry crabs back in a bucket with your sandal, all the while keeping your feet elevated so they do not nip your toes.

Fishing in a traditional way, Mangroves Boquilla

Soon it will be lunchtime when you will visit a small colorful house on the shore with an outdoor kitchen. Your catch is cleaned and cooked right in front of you. The oysters you pulled from the mangroves were shucked and totally delicious.
A warm breeze blows as you sit around a wooden table dining on the fruits of your morning endeavors – fish soup, oysters, fresh fish, crab, coconut rice, and salad with fried plantains.  A very traditional meal on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Afro-Colombian culture by experiencing this unique village and participating in a hands-on drum workshop. Click here to find all the information you need to make the most of your cultural adventure.

This Cartagena day tour is the perfect combination of relaxation and fun. You see a different side of this most popular Colombian coastal city that many do not experience.