La Candelaria & Monserrate in Bogotá at a slow pace is an adventure

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and is located at 2600 meters above sea level, offering a great culture, education, entrepreneurship, leisure, gastronomy, and fun for locals and strangers. Visitors who want to learn about the idiosyncrasy, tradition, and religiosity of this city cannot miss the opportunity to visit the historic center of Candelaria and the magnificent Monserrate hill.

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La Candelaria with its colonial houses and cobbled streets recalls the customs of the Creole and Spanish aristocracy. Like the Shrine Basilica of the Fallen Lord upon Mount Monserrate and the beautiful views of the city that leave traces in your memory for a lifetime.

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Graffiti, La Candelaria
Graffiti, La Candelaria

Enjoying the historic center of La Candelaria and Mount Monserrate is an adventure as you are able to visit a small town with a bohemian atmosphere whose star streets and colonial constructions have engraved experiences of yesteryear that are part of history, tradition, and the culture of the Colombian people. Some of the places we recommend enjoying on a tour:


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  • Botero Museum: Where visitors are familiar with the work of one of the most prominent artists in the world, Fernando Botero, who with his large sculptures has represented Colombia throughout the world in an outstanding and unmistakable way. There are also works by other famous artists such as Salvador Dalí, Edgar Degas, and Pablo Picasso.

    Gold Mask, Gold Museum
    Gold Mask, Gold Museum
  • Gold Museum: It offers a visit to returns to the pre-Hispanic era of Colombia with its gold pieces sculpted by skilled indigenous goldsmiths who wanted to represent the life, customs, tradition, and wealth of the time. In addition, guests can observe pieces of great importance such as the Muisca raft and the Quimbaya poporos framed in construction that do not depart from the bunker concept because of its high safety.
  • Casa de la Moneda: It is a national monument and opens its doors for visitors to discover the site where the first gold coins of the region were minted and know more than 1600 pieces, in addition to foreign exhibitions that talk about the transformation of money in Colombia since the seventeenth century and the traces of Colombian culture.
  • The stream of Quevedo: It is full of history dating back to 1832 when Father Agustino Quevedo ordered the construction of a public water fountain for the benefit of the community, in addition to that square the military garrison of the founder of the city Gonzalo was established Jiménez de Quesada.

    Mount Monserrate, Bogotá
    Mount Monserrate, Bogotá
  • The hill of Monserrate: it is one of the flagship places of the capital of Colombia, therefore, it is a must-stop for tourists, where you can walk up the steep hill on a journey that lasts between 50min-3hrs but can also be accessed by a funicular or by cable car. Once there you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the hill of Guadalupe, along with visiting the shrine of the fallen lord.

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