MOMPOX the Colonial Town Time Forgot!

The colonial town time forgot

Mompox, Colombia

Set in the picturesque location on the banks of the Mompox tributary of the Magdalena River, in the Colombian Department of Bolivar, you’ll discover one of the most charming colonial towns in Colombia. A town so perfectly preserved that you’d be forgiven for believing that time had truly forgotten to add the many centuries that have passed since it was founded in 1537. Referred to as Mompox or Mompós depending on who you are speaking with, Santa Cruz de Mompox is one of only 17 Colombian Heritage Towns and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995 due to the amazing preservation of its colonial history.

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Tourism is the main income earner for most of the 40,000 residents in this wonderful waterfront village, where almost every street provides you glimpses into the past almost 500 years in the making.

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The fact that most of the colonial buildings are still used for their original purpose, just makes the city of Santa Cruz de Mompox an even more charming location.

Touring this location, you’ll discover La Albarrada avenue which is located on the waterfront with its many restaurants and cafes. It is the perfect introduction to this colonial town, as here you can enjoy a superb breakfast, lunch, or dinner, along with a wonderful walk around the many little plazas in this location. You’ll also discover a great many stores filled will amazing filigree jewelry. Providing you with the opportunity to purchase some of this quality detailed jewelry at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

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You’ll continue your tour by foot, passing by and stopping in some or all of the 7 churches that are within close proximity to the main plaza. With many of these churches seeing over 400 years of age. The San Francisco Church is the oldest and was originally built back in 1564. But the most famous, and in my opinion (and that of many others) the most beautiful is The Santa Bárbara Church, with its baroque bell tower a balcony.

The Mompox cemetery is also a tourist destination and one not to be missed. Filled with wonderful headstones, colonial-style tombs, and beautiful fences.

Following your tour by foot, you’ll enjoy a tour by boat, with a magnificent cruise on the Brazo de Mompos River, departing from the old port. Enjoying a guided cruise up to Troncosito on the Magdalena Department side of the river, you’ll not only appreciate delightful scenery on both sides of the river, but also a multitude of birdlife filling the sky with their songs and flight.

With your voyage coming to an end, you’ll enjoy two more magical experiences that can only come from this magical location. First, you’ll view one of the most breath-taking sunsets anywhere in this amazing world, and to lastly cap off a super day, you’ll be returning to Mompox with the lights on in this gorgeous city to provide you with such an amazing, picturesque experience you’ll feel that your entire tour of Colombia was worth it for just this moment.

Next, it’ll be back to where it all began with some dinner in La Albarrada avenue before enjoying a relaxing stroll along the waterfront and through some of the lanternlight streets.

Waking in Mompox is a feeling you will never forget, the songs of the birds along with the sounds of church bells give you a sensation that you have actually traveled back in time and woken in a small Colombian village 400 years ago. Mompox is a town that you’ll never leave behind, as no matter where you travel to next, you’ll always be carrying a piece of Santa Cruz de Mompox with you.

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