Nature, Fun, and Health in the Totumo Mud Volcano

Colombia is impregnated with natural wonders among which we find exotic destinations such as the Totumo Mud Volcano, located in the municipality of Galera Zambia about 45 minutes from Cartagena, Capital of the department of Bolívar; where the visitor, after climbing the stairs of about 20 meters, immerses themselves in an unparalleled experience when he feels throughout his body the gray and dense liquid found in the crater of the volcano, which promises with its medicinal properties to combat many diseases and make the visitor enjoy a novel experience.

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Mud Volcano, Cartagena
Mud Volcano, Cartagena

Medicinal properties of the mud volcano

The healing properties of the mud of the Totumo volcano are attributed to the chemical composition of the place (Water, Silica, Aluminum, Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Calcium, Sulfur, and Iron), which according to many therapists are gifts of nature that are used to treat rheumatic problems, detoxify the body, clean the skin and treat joint inflammations. Therefore, although some are only going to enjoy nature and forget about stress, many others go in search of medicine for the ailments and masks to beautify the skin.

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What does the Totumo mud volcano offer?

Nature and new places always have something to offer visitors, however, the Totumo mud volcano offers an unforgettable experience since:

  • This tropical wonder is one of the few volcanoes in the world in which the visitor can submerge without problems, since the natural components keep the guests afloat in the crater of 3 meters in diameter, without any danger.
  • Invaluable healing properties through the chemical components of the sludge, which, applied for a short time, become healing alternatives to degenerative diseases of the joints, skin problems and above all, as a very anti-stress therapy valuable
  • Fill the senses with the nuances of the swamp; the colors and sounds of the different species of flora and fauna, the majesty of the mangroves, the beauty of the work of the fishermen and the curious sculpture formed by visitors covered in gray mud from head to toe, become images worthy of a Panoramic for the memory.
Mud Volcano, Cartagena
Mud Volcano, Cartagena
The legend creates a magical experience

Legend has it that years ago the lava of this volcano caused a lot of damage in the nearby communities, but a Catholic priest used the holy water to calm his fury and turn it into a place whose mud would serve as a medicinal source for his visitors.

To visit the mud volcano, it is necessary to wear a bathing suit, flip flops and change clothes, since after being submerged in its crater and the mud is dry, you must carefully go down the steps to the Freshwater swamp, where local natives will help tourists, for a small fee, to bathe and feel wonderfully clean with soft skin.

The typical cuisine on the outskirts of the volcano is another attraction of the place since this coastal area offers marine delicacies such as fried mojarra, accompanied by coconut rice and patacones. Visiting the mud volcano of Totumo is an adventure to live in the company of family and friends.

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