In Colombia, there are more than 85 NGO agencies dedicated to protecting indigenous communities, vulnerable areas of nature, and the animals that live in them. They are found in areas such as the Amazon, the Pacific coast, the Caribbean, Central Colombia, Eastern, and others. These institutions work in different ways to finance their projects, some through tourism and others only with donations.*We work with and recommend booking flights with

Source: NGO-Taxi

These NGOs are registered in Colombia as organizations that help displaced people, orphaned children, and the poor with clothes, food, work, and shelter. In addition, other agencies try to protect animals in danger of extinction by creating protected habitats, where animals traverse, hunt, live, and thrive. Other entities defend the human and land rights that belong to indigenous communities and small farmers with lawyers and petitions for the government.

Kogi Comunity, Palomino
Kogi Comunity, Palomino
 All the NGOs have an arduous task since it is not only difficult to obtain the money through charity or tourism but also frequently, it is necessary to negotiate with the Colombian government; with owners of large haciendas and with companies (who during the 50+ year war between the FARC and Colombian government stole lands of some small farmers).

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Tourism is a good option to help NGOs earn money and put pressure on the government, companies, and large landowners; as many tourists want to visit and experience indigenous culture and at the same time make known to the world, the beautiful landscape, people, nature and environment of Colombia. For that reason the more exposure they have in the world, the more influence there will be on the people to do the right thing.

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