Our Top 6 Travel Tips BEFORE Coming To Colombia

Preparing for Your Colombia Adventure

Before boarding that plane and making one of the best decisions of your life to come and visit the beautiful country of Colombia, we want to give you our top 5 recommendations to prepare for your Colombian Adventure.

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Our Top Five Travel Tip Recommendations are:
  1. For those who like to make reservations for tours and accommodation separately, it is very important that you reserve the tours first. In general, accommodation is much easier to find. This, of course, depends on the style of accommodation you are looking for. But as a general rule always book the tours first! If you are planning to make your reservations with BnB Colombia Tours, we can also help you choose the best accommodation according to your preferred style, separate from your tour. Or if you prefer, we can make all the reservations for you!Bird Watching
  2. Travel pants with many pockets are great for your trip. Especially the pockets with zippers and velcro. We recommend taking 2 or 3 pairs. Even better are the travel pants that convert into shorts.
  3. It is very important to know what experiences you want to do in Colombia before you buy the flights. This can determine the time of year you will be traveling. If you’re unsure where you’d like to visit and what experiences are available contact us here for an obligation-free quote!

Best Time of Year For:

    • Whale Watching: June to November (best months July – October)
    • Caño Cristales: June to November (best months July – October)
    • Leatherback turtles laying eggs and hatching: April to May
    • Tayrona National Park:
      • 01 March – 31 May,
      • 16 June – 18 October,
      • 03 November – 31 January
  1. Beach, Cabo San Juan, Tayrona ParkPlease don’t come with expensive watches and jewelry! In Colombia, there is a popular saying “No da la papaya” which basically means do not give thieves opportunities. So please leave your expensive things in your home for when you return.
  2. Mosquitoes bother people all over the world. And a good vitamin to decrease their interest in you is Vitamin Thiamine (B1). It’s a vitamin that has a bad taste when you’re taking it and a bit of an odor also. It actually makes your blood smell also, putting an odor that is barely detectable to humans, but detestable to mosquitoes. This doesn’t mean they won’t bite you, but it does mean you’ll be bitten a lot less. For this reason, when traveling through jungle areas, with an abundance of hungry mosquitoes, we recommend taking Vitamin Thiamine. After talking to your doctor of course!
  3. Download WhatsApp on your cell phone, we recommend you do this before coming to Colombia. It is a free application that provides you with free messaging and calling to friends and family anywhere in the world, providing you have WiFi or internet data on your phone. This is also how we (and 99% of Colombia) communicate with most guests while they are here. With the clients that download WhatsApp to their phones, we provide a support group including at least two of our team members. This means that while you are here in Colombia, you can send a question to us at any time of the day and receive a quick reply, and any assistance required straight away.

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