San Felipe Bird Watching Cali

San Felipe Bird Watching – Cali

San Felipe Birding is a privately owned Finca at the famous Km. 18 above the city of Cali. Located in the Western Cordillera at an altitude of 1900m/6,250´, the Finca covers 22h/54a with 13h/32a covered in the cloud forest.

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San Felipe Birding – Spot/Source: Facebook San Felipe

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San Felipe Birding offers easy access to some of the region’s specialties like chestnut wood quail and many species of hummingbirds. There are several hides and feeders for fruit eaters and hummingbirds. They provide a special environment, especially for blind birdwatchers and birders with low vision. The owners Clara and Carlos are hospitable and friendly.

Chestnut Wood Quail

As the second most biodiverse country on the planet, Colombia is home to the largest number of birds in the world with 1,954 registered species. 30% of which is found in the Western Cordillera, one of the three slopes into which the Colombian Andes are divided. Km. 18 is the mecca for ornithology.

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Valle del Cauca has 945 bird species of which 16 are endemic, 126 are quasi-endemic, 12 are of Interest to Colombia, 51 are threatened species, and 107 are migratory. Among the best-represented families of birds are Thraupidae (tanagers and related), Tyrannidae (flytraps and related), Trochilidae (hummingbirds), and Furnariidae (nuthatches and related), which are the families favored by birdwatchers.

Bird – San felipe in Cali.

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Stay overnight at the comfortable family house, a beautiful villa, and enjoy some excellent local cuisine. Bird feeders and hides as well as the trails within the reserve are very well positioned.
While inside a hideout, in a matter of seconds birds of all species alight on the concealed feeders. It is an amazing experience to be so close and personal with nature.

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Bird Spot – San Felipe
Source: Facebook San Felipe Birding

Colombia is an incredible country for birdwatchers. it boasts a long list of endemic birds found in no other country and is home to well over 1,930 bird species, around 20 percent of the world’s total bird count.

You will experience Colombian culture, excellent food, and vibrant cities as you travel between incredible birding habitats.

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