The 5 Very Best 4 Star Hotels in Minca, Colombia

Source: Siembra Boutique

Minca is a small mountain town located in the mountains above Santa Marta.  The tropical forest-covered mountains offer a refreshing break from the blistering heat of the Caribbean coast as well as spectacular scenery, great hiking, and pretty waterfalls to see.  If you want to include Minca on your trip to Colombia, read on to learn about the best 4-star quality accommodations in Minca, Colombia.

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  1. Siembra Boutique
Source: Siembra Boutique

Located a bit out of Minca proper, this gorgeous property tops our list of the best 4-star hotels in Minca.  There is a pretty pool on-site, perfect for cooling off after a day hiking to waterfalls and bird spotting.  The rooms are also nicely furnished, and the common areas offer a friendly, hostel vibe and amazing views of the mountains surrounding the area.

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  1. Minca Glamping
Source: Minca Glamping

A pretty little property about a 10-minute walk out of town, Minca Glamping offers the perfect blend of being immersed in nature without being far from the nice little cafes and restaurants in town, landing it next on this list of the best Minca 4 star accommodations.  The property has several private bungalows.  Each is well furnished with a small porch sitting area and big, comfortable beds.  Guests will especially enjoy the charming atmosphere of this family-run establishment and terrific fresh food for breakfast and dinner.

Source: Minca Glamping

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  1. Casas Viejas by Masaya
Source: Casas Viejas by Masaya
Source: Casas Viejas by Masaya

Located a bit further out of town, the Casas Viejas by Masaya is located on the property of the La Victoria coffee farm, a must-see in and of itself during your stay in Minca.  The property is pretty and has a nice pool area.  The rooms are rustically furnished, perfectly in sync with the coffee farm.  Of course, you will also love getting to sample that wonderful, locally produced coffee, and you can even sample some of the craft beer brewed on-site as well from the Sierra Nevada Cervecería.

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  1. Montes de Beraka
Source: Montes de Beraka

Located higher up in the mountains near the Cerro Kennedy summit, Montes de Beraka is the next place on this list of 4-star quality hotels in Minca.  More of a guest house than a hotel, the rooms are nicely furnished and the friendly atmosphere pairs perfectly with the lovely mountain views you can enjoy here.

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  1. Mundo Nuevo Eco-Lodge
Source: Mundo Nuevo

Also located outside of town, the Mundo Nuevo Eco-Lodge rounds out this list of the best Minca 4-star quality hotels.  This lodge is located on a sustainable farm and has a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy the organic fruit and vegetables produced on the farm.  The rooms are also plenty nice and are comfortable while maintaining the natural feel of the place.

Source: Mundo Nuevo

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