The Best Bogotá Boutique Hotels

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Hotel Casa Legado

Carrera 8 #69-60, Bogotá
+57 601 7702155

Casa Legado is a stylish boutique hotel located in the heart of Bogotá. With a focus on personalized service, it features elegantly decorated rooms and an intimate atmosphere.

A family-owned neighborhood hostelry with a playful personality and refreshing courtyard garden, in what has now become one of Latin America’s most kinetic cities.

This chic, 1950s-style hotel is located in the Zona Rosa, Bogotá’s trendy nightlife district. 

Most hotels in Bogotá are built for business travelers who fly in every week and go home on Fridays. Casa Legato gives the city a place that is full of guests on the weekend.

There are seventeen rooms, each of which has a family name with individual decor to match. One room, the Natalia, takes its inspiration from ballet, with delicate curtains draped over the soaking tub in a corner of the bedroom. Small details, such as herbal bath salts next to the tub or a hand-written note with local recommendations, make it especially personable.

The Lucho room is another highlight, thanks to its private balcony with a hammock. Ask for a tour of the hotel from the owner, Helena Davilá, as many of the pieces have a story behind them, especially the furniture and artwork, much of which Helena has borrowed from her family to enhance the property.
There is no formal check-in, just a friendly host or assistant, who on arrival gives you fresh coca tea to counter the high altitude. 

Casa Legado is in a great location in a personable neighborhood, tucked back into a side street. Walk a block from the hotel, though and you will find everything from buzzing wine bars with live jazz to bakeries and cafés.

Since this is a restored single-family home, you will not find a gym, all-day restaurant or rooftop pool. However, the personality you receive instead is well worth it. There is no other place in Bogotá like Casa Legado.

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La Colina Cottage Hotel

Calle 150 #78-46, Bogotá
+57 601 680 8647

This charming hotel is located in the Usaquén district, with just five rooms, all of which are decorated in colonial style. 

The hotel has a garden and a restaurant.

Tucked into the verdant hills of Bogotá, La Colina Cottage Hotel stands as a serene escape, offering a distinctive high-end boutique experience. La Colina captivates guests with its unique blend of luxury, tranquillity and personalized service.

Situated in the exclusive neighborhood of Usaquén, La Colina enjoys a privileged location away from the bustling city center, providing a peaceful retreat amidst nature.

The hotel’s elevated position offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and lush landscapes, creating an intimate atmosphere for discerning high-end travelers seeking a tranquil haven.

An adorable cottage, offering boutique accommodation with sustainability at its core, La Colina distinguishes itself as a special upscale boutique hotel through its meticulous attention to detail and intimate setting.

With a limited number of rooms, each uniquely designed to reflect the charm of a countryside cottage, with black Andean slate floors, wooden ceilings and original contemporary artwork. Rooms feature private bathrooms with hot water and organic toiletries. Guests are treated to an exclusive and personalized experience, with the boutique ambiance further enhanced by the hotel’s commitment to preserving its natural surroundings, creating a seamless integration between luxury and nature.

The hotel’s restaurant is a culinary gem, showcasing a fusion of local flavors and international cuisine. It features a signature regional restaurant with a traditional clay oven and BBQ facilities.

Guests can savor exquisite dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, offering a gastronomic journey that mirrors the hotel’s commitment to authenticity. The buffet breakfast is outstanding.
The dining experience is elevated by the serene ambiance and attentive service, making it a focal point for guests to indulge in a memorable culinary escapade.

La Colina goes beyond the conventional to provide guests with special amenities that enhance their stay. A spa facility, surrounded by the hotel’s lush gardens, offers a range of rejuvenating treatments. There is excellent Wi-Fi throughout with room service available and laundry facilities arranged upon request.

Additionally, personalized excursions to nearby attractions, assembled by the hotel’s knowledgeable staff, allow guests to explore the rich cultural and natural wonders of Bogotá’s highlands. Shopping centers including Unicentro, Usaquén, Santa Fe and Niza are close by. El Dorado Airport is only 16 km away. Free, secure private parking is possible at the hotel.

In essence, La Colina is a hidden gem that combines the tranquillity of its natural surroundings with the elegance of a high-end boutique hotel. Its secluded location, personalized service, exquisite dining and special amenities make it a standout choice for those seeking a unique and intimate retreat in the Colombian capital. Whether for a romantic getaway or a rejuvenating escape, La Colina invites guests to experience luxury in harmony with nature.

The Click Clack Hotel

Carrera 11#93-77
+57 601 743 0404

Urban, original, and cool, the Click Clack is the epitome of a hip boutique hotel. The building has an amazing and unusual look, constructed with glass and metal boxes. A two-story vertical garden and exposed brick walls bring the outside inside. On the roof is a 1950s-inspired burger restaurant and cocktail bar with impressive views.

The Click Clack is adjacent to Parque de la 93, a very popular area in an upmarket section of Bogotá. Nearby Zona Rosa has glamourous bars and clubs providing abundant close-by entertainment. The area is vibrant and safe.

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By positioning itself as the coolest structure on the block, the Click Clack has gone heavy on urban industrial design with amusing and fashionable little features throughout the hotel. Pixelated Space Invaders wallpaper from the 1970s video game, line the inside the elevator. Carefully curated objects – vintage typewriters, Bakelite phones and old leather suitcases sit on shelves and cubby holes all around. Even the fire hoses on each floor have been stylishly painted and artfully lit.

There is a room for every budget in the hotel. The higher the floor, the larger and better really. Huge windows with a clever layout, provide access to a small green terrace. Most of the beds are positioned in the corner and the hand basins are fashioned into the side wall outside the bathroom. Showers are tiled in black and produce a heavy and welcome cascade of water. Air conditioning and heating are available on request.

The downstairs restaurant, Ciengramos, has its inspiration come from artists and their signature style. The Kandinsky, for example, is an octopus ceviche, and the Van Gogh, a chocolate and ginger pudding, while the Apache is a 1950s-inspired burger. A cocktail bar on the top floor which plays pop classics has impressive views. Both places are busy at night and particularly on the weekends. 

At breakfast, a delightful display of Colombian pancakes, arepas, jams, and fruit makes for more interesting fare than the usual selection of bread, cheese, meat, and eggs that are also on offer.

The hotel is geared towards fun and socializing, either on the rooftop or at the parties they hold in the El Boticario bar downstairs. Enjoy a sensational massage choose a bedroom picnic, where a feast is delivered to your door, or go on a personal shopping tour in the city. There is so much going on at the Click Clack.

B.O.G Hotel

Carrera. 11 #86-74, Bogotá
+57 601 639 9990

Inspired by the precious riches of Colombian gold and emeralds, the B.O.G Hotel is a treasure trove of luxury design. Its dimly lit interiors make it a quiet sanctuary stationed in the bustling but refined north of the city. A  heated rooftop pool awaits for you to relax in the backdrop of the sprawling mountains.

The hotel is found in the northern and safe area of La Cabrera, which is just a ten-minute taxi ride away from the hopping nightlife of Zona T. Here also is the fabulous Andino shopping mall, which houses shops by all the world’s most luxurious brands and designers. Fine restaurants abound while the historic and more touristic area of the city center is slightly further afield.

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The B.O.G Hotel flaunts Colombia’s natural treasures, gold and emeralds, to decorate its minimalist theme. Portuguese designer Nini Andrade pays deference to the cultural importance of the country’s jewels and they are delicately scattered throughout the lobby, bar and restaurant. The color scheme across the hotel is a minimalist grey and purple palette, with some beige incorporated inside the rooms. The furniture is of a modern and chic style, with large oversized lamps overlooking the entrance and hallways.

The rooms continue to follow the same chic minimalist style from across the hotel and combine ultra-modern design with an urban essence.

There are three different types of rooms ranging in size. The B.O.G Suite is the largest room and is the only one in this category, boasting a full living room, dining table and guest bathroom.

The thirteen Business Suites are smaller, but all feature stand-alone bathtubs. The remaining rooms are named Superior, styled with soft lighting and simple minimalist décor. All have large bathrooms with freestanding showers with chrome features. Rooms come with docking stations, Nespresso machines and televisions.

All over the hotel ambient jazz and soft electro music plays delicately and the corridors are dimly lit, creating a relaxing atmosphere. At the entrance high ceilings create a light and airy feel, while at night the space is transformed by an open fireplace accompanied with gentle music.

The standout part of B.O.G Hotel is without doubt the heated rooftop pool and bar. This private area is for hotel guests only, providing panoramic views of the cityscape and surrounding mountains. It also has a cocktail and snack bar with heating lamps to warm the cool, fresh Bogotá air. Staff provide a welcome drink to each guest upon arrival, either an alcoholic or hot beverage. All front-line staff speak good English.  Elsewhere on the premises, the hotel has a spa, steam room, and fully equipped gym. Employees are professional and efficient.

The breakfast buffet is spread out across three tables, comprising cuts of cold meats and smoked salmon, as well as fresh bread, juices, and fruits. Several cooked options such as pancakes, waffles, and eggs can also be ordered. During breakfast waiters promptly replace hot drinks that have cooled down and are attentive to special allergy requests.

Families are welcome in all areas of the hotel and there are complimentary small beds and cots for children if required. There are no adapted rooms for special needs as such, however the hotel is otherwise readily accessible.

B.O.G Hotel is not as small as many boutique hotels, but it has the feeling and atmosphere of one. For something different and completely luxurious, this is a tremendous option.

Lucitania Hotel Boutique

Calle 69 # 9-39, Bogotá
+57 310 563 4453

Positioned right in the vibrant heart of Bogotá, Hotel Lucitania emerges as a refined jewel, offering a high-end boutique experience that blends modern luxury with historic charm. Situated within the financial center of the city, this boutique hotel captures the essence of Bogotá’s cultural richness while providing an exclusive haven for astute travelers.

Hotel Lucitania’s strategic location places it within easy reach of Bogotá’s key attractions, The hotel’s proximity to cultural sites, shopping districts and vibrant nightlife ensures that guests can participate in the dynamic energy of the city while enjoying the tranquillity of the hotel’s immediate surroundings.

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This boutique hotel radiates an air of sophisticated elegance. Its architecture integrates contemporary design elements with historical features, paying homage to Bogotá’s cultural heritage. The ambiance is characterized by warm tones, stylish, modern furnishings and curated art pieces that create an inviting and upscale atmosphere. The lobby, adorned with unique artifacts, sets the tone for a stay that promises a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Hotel Lucitania contains a limited number of carefully designed rooms, each reflecting the boutique ethos of exclusivity and attention to detail. Guests are treated to a harmonious blend of modern amenities and classic elegance. The rooms feature plush furnishings, luxurious bedding and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent retreat.

The hotel offers a range of facilities that contribute to its high-end boutique status. A rooftop terrace provides panoramic views of Bogotá’s skyline, creating an ideal setting for relaxation or intimate gatherings. The in-house spa offers a sanctuary of wellness, featuring a special menu of rejuvenating treatments.

Additionally, the hotel’s restaurant showcases culinary excellence with a menu that combines local flavors and international influences.

Hotel Lucitania’s distinction as a high-end boutique is rooted in its commitment to providing a personalized and amazing experience. The limited number of rooms ensures an intimate ambiance, allowing the dedicated staff to cater to individual preferences.

The fusion of historic charm with modern luxury, exclusive amenities and meticulous attention to design details sets Hotel Lucitania apart as a boutique destination that transcends the conventional hotel experience.

The hotel stands as a testament to refined elegance in Bogotá. Its central location, sophisticated ambiance, thoughtfully designed rooms and upscale facilities position it as a high-end boutique that invites guests to indulge in the cultural richness of the city while enjoying an intimate and exclusive retreat.

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