Why is Colombia Popular for Sustainable Tourism?

Colombia, a Popular Destination for Sustainable Tourism

The view from El Penol over Guatape Lake
The view from El Penol over Guatape Lake

Source: Hotel Marianza

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Tourism is one of the great motors of Colombia’s emerging economy, and with it, it’s about to step into the engine of sustainability. Bloomberg Market Magazine featured Colombia as the 11th most relevant emerging market in the world. This is due to the great level of investment and effort this country has put into sectors like tourism. Curiosity is increasing, and the number of tourists wanting to visit Colombia is definitely in full swing. This effort involving hotels, restaurants, and city center restorations are some of the reasons why the flow of travelers to the country is increasing steadily.

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However, Tourism growth cannot and should not diverge from sustainability. It must be tourism that socially strengthens the communities where it is developed, that does not deprecate or destroy natural and cultural resources, and that has a significant impact on the income of locals. According to Yahoo Finance Colombia is the second most diverse country in the world, only behind the gigante Brazil. This comes with great responsibility and awareness of the importance of developing nature-friendly tourism, respectful of cultural and historical heritage.

Colombia has more than 50 national parks, most of them complying with sustainable measures. The majority of its destinations also go hand-in-hand with sustainable tourism like Parque Tayrona in Santa Marta, which is actually a protected area by the Colombian Government or  The Rosario Islands near Cartagena, known for its impressive sea life, corals of all tones and shapes, and clean white sand.

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Rosario Islands Sealife
Rosario Islands Sealife

Source: Colombia Pais

What can you do as a tourist to support sustainability while traveling? This sounds like a difficult question but it’s rather very simple to answer and therefore to apply to your next visit. Recycling, packing your belongings in reusable bags, minimizing the use of plastic, turning off the lights in your hotel room are some of the basic actions you can take to protect nature and the environment and somehow contribute to the preservation of it. Along with this, supporting and buying from the local artisans does help a lot. This is a petit cadeau you probably won’t find at a local shop.

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Colombian Mochila Bags Ready for Sale
Colombian Mochila Bags Ready for Sale

Source: Bogotastic

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