5 Top Rosario Islands Resorts

The 5 Best Rosario Islands Resorts, Cartagena Colombia

Day Trip vs Staying Over

This list is going to look at the 5 best places in the Rosario Islands for a day trip or for spending the night.  Both are great options for enjoying the Rosario Islands.  Day passes let you enjoy the sun and sand in the islands during the day while letting you enjoy the town in the evening and will mean you won’t need to pay for a night of accommodation.  Spending the night lets you stay at the beach longer and gives you more time for rest and relaxation, not to mention you’ll get to enjoy the sunset and sunrise.  All of the places on this list of best resorts in the Rosario Islands offer day pass options and overnight accommodations.

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  1. Eco Hotel Islabela

Eco Hotel Islabela offers both standard hotel-style rooms as well as private bungalows for those looking for the best place to spend the night in the Rosario Islands.  There is a terrific, private beach area nestled among the mangroves of the islands with calm waters.  It’s a great spot for kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling as well.  That makes it a great option for where to go for a day trip in the Rosario Islands too.

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  1. Hotel San Pedro de Majagua

Located on the largest of the Rosario Islands, Isla Grande, San Pedro de Majagua offers gorgeous rooms with hammocks, making it an especially great choice for where to spend the night in the Rosario Islands.  It’s also not a bad place to spend a day and has 2 areas for swimming, including one with a large beach area and lounge chairs.  It’s one of the largest resorts in the Rosario Islands as well and the facilities blend into the island’s vegetation, giving it a great blend of luxury and nature.

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  1. Isla del Sol

Also located on Isla Grande, Hotel Isla del Sol has one of the very best day tours to the Rosario Islands.  There is a decent size beach area and a nice size pool.  There are kayaks and a great tour through the mangroves on the island available to visitors too.  Nestled in a little bay of the islands, the view is the perfect place to relax.  The bungalows on-site also make it one of the best places to stay in the Rosario Islands.

  1. Hotel Isla del Pirata

This Rosario Islands hotel is located on a tiny, private island just off the coast of Isla Grande.  Besides the hotel, there’s not much else besides mangroves and palm trees.  That gives it a super-exclusive feel, and you can see the larger island across the crystal clear blue waters.

Reefs not far from the hotel make it a good spot for snorkeling too.  It’s definitely one of the best places for a day trip to the Rosario Islands and several bungalows with rooms make it a good option for where to spend the night in the Rosario Islands too.

  1. Coralina Island

This Rosario Islands resort is located atop a rocky area of the island.  That means there isn’t a lot of beach, but a boardwalk makes for a nice substitute and the calm waters also make for great kayaking and snorkeling.  It’s a great place to get away from it all and just relax while enjoying the scenery of the crystal clear waters.  It is both one of the best places for a day pass in the Rosario Islands or for spending a few nights.

Bonus Day Pass Only Option:  Bendita Beach

Located south of the main cluster of islands, Bendita Beach is a great place for a day trip.  While most of the islands are rocky and only have small, often man-made beaches, here there’s a nice and large beach on a peninsula jutting out into the sea.  It isn’t an option for those looking to spend the night in the Rosario Islands since they do not have accommodations, but it is definitely one of the best day trips in the Rosario Islands.

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