Top 4 Star Hotels in Cartagena

The 5 Best 4 Star Hotels in Cartagena, Colombia

Considering all things needed to provide a quality 4-star hotel, including the quality of the service, location, style, ambiance, and overall accessibility of the hotel, we’ve created for you our list of the very best 4-star hotels in Cartagena Colombia.

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  1. Alfiz Hotel Boutique

Its website bills this 4-star hotel in Cartagena as “one of Cartagena’s best-kept secrets.”  Alfiz Hotel Boutique is housed in a 17th-century house with 8 thematic rooms based on different aspects of Colombian history and culture, offering a unique experience for their guests and landing it first on this list of the best 4-star hotels in Cartagena.

The hotel is adults-only, and in a unique twist, has a reading room for their collection of books by Colombia’s Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez or other books from their library.  There’s a pool too if you prefer to read while lounging between swims.

Alfiz is also located in a great central location inside the Walled City of Cartagena, offering easy access to the city’s top attractions.

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  1. Hotel Don Pedro de Heredia

This Cartagena 4 star hotel is also located in the heart of the Walled CityHotel Don Pedro de Heredia has a decor that mixes colonial history and modern elegance with a rustic feel.  Many of the rooms and common areas boast antique furniture.

Hotel Don Pedro de Heredia

The top floor dining room is also perfect for the delicious included breakfast or for hanging out after a day seeing the sites in Cartagena.  The central courtyard with its pool isn’t a bad place for relaxing after a day out on the town either.

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  1. La Passion by Masaya

With a name like La Passion, you’d expect this hotel to be among the best Cartagena 4 star hotels.  Also located inside the wall of Cartagena’s Centro, La Passion has an exceptionally large rooftop pool to go along with its classy and gorgeous antique style interior decoration.

The rooms offer a nice blend of tradition and elegance and are spacious.  The common areas and flowered covered inner balconies will also make you feel like you are wandering through a late colonial area mansion.

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  1. Hotel Boutique Casa Isabel

Next up on this list of Cartagena 4-star hotels is the Casa Isabel.  Located in the neighborhood of Getsemaní, just a short walk outside of the wall, Casa Isabel offers a colorful and bohemian style and decor to go along with its terrific location.

It also has a terrific view of the inner bay and the historic Castillo San Felipe Fortress.  You will especially enjoy the view from the rooftop terrace.

Hotel Casa Isabel

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  1. Hyatt Regency

In a historic, colonial city like Cartagena, smaller, boutique hotels make great options.  However, that doesn’t mean more modern high rises don’t have a place on a list of the best Cartagena 4 star hotels.  That’s especially true when talking about the Hyatt Regency, one of the newest and tallest hotels in Cartagena.

Located in Bocagrande, near the most popular beaches in town, and only a short taxi ride from the historic city center, the Hyatt offers terrifically furnished modern rooms.  It also has a terrific rooftop bar and restaurant along with several pools looking over the Caribbean Sea.  You especially won’t want to miss the sunset from the top of this 4-star hotel in Cartagena.

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