Nuqui: A True Pacific Treasure


Nuqui, located on the Pacific coast on the Gulf of Tribuga, is a small Chocoan municipality surrounded by jungle and rivers. The abundance of water comes as a result of it being located in the wettest area of Colombia. There is always deep verdant green vegetation close to the beach.

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Nuqui, Pacific Coast - BnB Colombia Tours
Nuqui, Pacific Coast

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Despite being at sea level, its climate can change at any time due to its proximity to the jungle and the Baudó mountain range. Thus, a heavy downpour can alternate with radiant sunshine in just a few minutes.

The Chocó coast of Colombia is truly spectacular, where misty jungle-clad hills meet the restless Pacific Ocean. This is a wild place where many modern luxuries are left behind and travel, often in small boats through lashing rain is arduous. However, the scenery will leave you breathless and the friendly local people and laid-back rhythm of life tuned to nature will leave you spiritually refreshed.

Nuqui, Pacific Coast - BnB Colombia Tours
Nuqui, Pacific Coast

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Your hotel is on a volcanic black sand beach, a paradise surrounded by wild rainforests and crystal waterfalls that flow from deep within the jungle out to the vast ocean.
It is a unique and magical place located in one of the planet’s most biodiverse hotspots. You will be able to disconnect and escape from the realities of life to explore and experience the natural world.

Hotel in Nuqui

July to October is the perfect time for humpback-whale watching in Colombia. Large groups of humpback whales migrate from Antarctica and Southern Chile during their winter, to the warm waters of the northern Pacific. The route is about 8,000 km/5,000m and here they give birth, raise their young, and mate.
You can hear them singing to their prospective partners while they jump out of the water in a stunning display.
An experience that will take your breath away.

Whales, Nuqui

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The coast here has rocky headlands, small sandy, and jagged coves, with some stretches of long sandy beaches such as at Termales. The tidal range is considerable, up to ten meters and at certain phases of the moon, the surf line reaches into the palm trees.

The thermal hot springs here combine the jungle with the beach and are ideal for those seeking options for rest and wellness. There are four trails to explore where you can see parrots, macaws, and others along the way. Highly colored frogs and all kinds of small animals abound. The prize at the end is the opportunity to bathe in the hot mineral-enriched water well.
These waters are considered medicinal, which generates an exchange between the beauty of the scenery and the benefits of the hot springs.
The temperature of the water, the sound of the waves, and the thickness of the forest make for a magnetic enclave.

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Frog, Pacific Coast

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It is no secret to anyone that the sight of the vast open ocean makes the heart quiver. It is imposing, but generous.
Here you can walk quietly along the shore, with the mighty jungle on one side and the expansive ocean on the other.
There are many streams that evolve from the jungle and are the veins of the ecosystem. One of the most popular is the Waterfall of Love (Cascada del Amor), an enchanting place where you will find an imposing and rhythmic waterfall. An oasis in the middle of thick vegetation, the water is crystal clear. For many, its power makes it possible to alleviate the burdens of life, including heartbreak. This helps you find the ideal partner, or at least to maintain the current one!
This is a must to visit.

Waterfall, Pacific Coast - BnB Colombia Tours
Waterfall Of Love, Pacific Coast

The township of Jovi, which you can reach by boat from Nuquí in about 45 minutes, is one of the most popular attractions in the area, the Jovi River.

On the river you take an incredible journey, lasting several hours, in a traditional boat of the indigenous communities called chingo. As you make your way deep into the forest you will see the great variety of flora and fauna along the banks. It is a unique and relaxing experience.
A refreshing swim in the river or by a waterfall completes the adventure. An ideal place to connect with nature in the beautiful, natural, and unique landscape of the Chocoan jungle.
Surely you will not want to leave.

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All year round you will hallucinate with the mysteries of Cabo Corrientes as you dive into its depths and defy the strength of its gigantic waves.
The sky is a milky catacomb crossed by a formation of pelicans. On one side the horizon, that line that separates the ocean from the sky, becomes diffused in the mist. On the other, the jungle stands on sharp black rocks. Cabo Corrientes is this exact fusion, scary and beautiful producing powerful waves, winds, tides, and currents. World-class surfing waves in an unlikely place.
The habitats of Cabo Corrientes are a small community of Afro-Colombians descended from slaves of Spanish colonization. They live by agriculture and fishing.

Kids of Cabo Corrientes

If you like adventure, you have the chance to dive, surf, fish, paddle board, climb mountains, and participate in other active sports.
On the other hand, if enjoying the marine fauna is more your thing, you will be surprised by what you can see in this paradise. Schools of fish, dolphins, sea turtles, goldfish, sailfish, and snappers, among many others.

Leatherback turtles

If you love unique beach destinations, you’ll also be fascinated by Capurgana, which is also on the Pacific coast and can be visited as part of our 4-Day Capurgana and turtles OR going North, to the Caribbean Coast with the 3-Days in La Guajira.

Like anywhere in the Pacific, the food is wonderful. You have to let yourself be delighted with the variety of recipes. No dish is the same; each one has the personal seal of the family or person who prepared it.
Nuquí is a place blessed with voluminous quantities of fresh fish and other ocean creatures. These in turn become delicious traditional dishes, seasoned with local aromatic herbs which transform these simple ingredients into exotic delicacies for the palate.

Food in hotel

Try the smoked fish in coconut sauce, accompanied by coconut rice and grilled plantain, or the sopa de resplandor (corn and salted fish), the mulata paseadora (fish and cheese soup), the wild meat stew in coconut sauce, or the famous shrimp empanadas.
Cooking lessons are available for those interested in adding to their culinary skills.
Try a glass of viche! The local drink is synonymous with this part of Colombia.

Everything gets wet in this part of the world so pack your belongings in plastic bags and use sealed containers for cameras, documents etc.
Bring light easy-dry clothes and a waterproof top for rainy boat trips (it can get chilly). You will need strong sandals to walk the rocky headlands (on the beaches you can of course go barefoot).
Mask and snorkel are an option, but a torch and insect repellent are essential.

Sea in Nuqui

All this and more makes this a place worth visiting and enjoying, whether alone or with others.
Nuquí creates the best environment with a wonderful atmosphere for all those who dare to know and enjoy this wonderful place.

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