Top 5 Bogotá Bars

The 5 Very Best Bars in Bogotá, Colombia

Source: Gaira Cafe Cumbia House

While visiting Colombia’s capital city, you’ll realize it is a true metropolis with a vibrant nightlife with everything from dive bars to university hangouts to posh lounges and night clubs.  Here you’ll learn about 5 of the best bars in Bogotá to check out during your visit. *We work with and recommend booking flights with

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  1. Gaira Cafe Cumbia House
Source: Gaira Cafe Cumbia House

The first place on this list of the best Bogotá bars is actually a place that seeks to embody the culture of Colombia’s Caribbean.

Gaira Cafe Cumbia House is also one of the best parties in Bogotá.  There is always live music. In fact, the place is owned by famous singer Carlos Vives.

There is also food on offer here and it’s a good spot to try foods from the coast like arepas de huevo in Bogotá.  However, it’s best known for a place to go out dancing and drinking and that lands it at the top of the list for the best bars in Bogotá.

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  1. La Huerta Bar
Source: La Huerta Bar

La Huerta, coming in second on this list of the best Bogotá bars, bills itself as changing the world one craft cocktail at a time.  They have a commitment to sustainability and using local ingredients.  Their mixologists use fresh ingredients from all over Colombia to create unique concoctions and their own spins on traditional drinks.  In fact, they use over 100 different ingredients in their mixes, so you’re sure to find something new and different here that will delight your tastebuds.  The little bar is located on the second floor in the Quinta Camacho neighborhood.  Its unique mixes and neat atmosphere make it one of the best Bogotá cocktail bars.

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  1. Bogotá Beer Company Parque 93
Source: Bogotá Beer Company
Source: Bogotá Beer Company

If craft cocktails aren’t are your thing, but craft beer is, you’ll want to try some of Colombia’s best-known craft beer from Bogotá Beer Company.  The first major craft brewery to achieve success, they sparked a wave of newer micro and craft breweries and brewpubs in Bogotá.  In fact, the city has become a bit of a Mecca for craft brew fans in Colombia, and there are plenty of others like Statua Rota and Chelarte, to name a couple, worth trying.  If you want to sample some of the first craft brews to hit it big though, there are lots of BBC locations around town ranging from full-scale pubs to tiny bodegas, but the nicest is the pub by Parque 93 landing it on this list of the best bars in Bogotá.

Source: El Bandido

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  1. El Bandido
Source: El Bandido

While technically a restaurant, El Bandido is better known for its live music and as a place to enjoy drinks, landing it more appropriately on this list of the best Bogotá bars.  The band will usually be playing a mix of jazz and classic oldies, which makes for a nice ambiance that you won’t find in too many places in Colombia.  At the bar known as El Enano inside, you can also find unique craft cocktails.

  1. Pravda
Source: Restaurante Pravda

Named after the famous Soviet-era newspaper, this bar has a unique, classy style.  Restaurante Pravda is most famous as the best bar in Bogotá for martinis.  In fact, you’re more likely to feel like 007 than a Russian spy here.  Still, the upscale, older school style will have you feeling sophisticated.  This unique Bogotá bar is located in Chapinero and there is food and plenty of other cocktails on offer if martinis aren’t your drink of choice.

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Source: Restaurante Pravda

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