The Very Best 4 and 5 Star Hotels in Salento, Colombia

Source: Hotel Terasu Salento

Looking for luxury accommodations in Salento?  While there aren’t large international luxury 5-star hotels in Salento, there are some great smaller, bed and breakfast and lodge-style establishments.  Read on to see learn about the nicest luxury hotels in Salento, Colombia. *We work with and recommend booking flights with

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  1. Hotel Terasu Salento
Source: Hotel Terasu Salento

At the top of this list of the nicest high-end accommodations in Salento is the Hotel Terasu Salento.  Set in a large house short ways out of town, the property has gorgeous grounds and nice balconies and patio areas.  There is a bar and restaurant on-site, and there are gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains from everywhere on the property.  The rooms are well furnished and there are family rooms in addition to standard-style hotel rooms, making this a great choice for anyone looking for luxury hotels in Salento.

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  1. Hotel Salento Real Eje Cafetero
Source: Hotel Salento Real
Source: Hotel Salento Real

Next up on this list of top high-end hotels in Salento is the Hotel Salento Real Eje Cafetero, a gorgeous 4 star Salento hotel.  It is located centrally, just a few blocks from the main plaza.  The rooms are pretty with colorful decorations, and the hotel has a beautiful central lobby, adorned with flowers.  Guests also rave about the on-site bar and restaurant.  That makes this another great option for luxury accommodations in Salento.

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  1. La Posada de la Plaza
Source: La Posada de la Plaza Salento

Also located in downtown Salento, La Posada de la Plaza is a pretty little 4-star hotel in Salento.  The rooms are decorated with a look that is best described as colorful antique.  The brightly colored window sills and exterior only add to the charming look.  Best of all, it is located right off the main plaza, offering easy access to Salento’s best restaurants and transportation to the nearby Cocora Valley.

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  1. Hotel El Mirador del Cocora
Source: Hotel El Mirador del Cocora

Speaking of the Cocora Valley, the next place on this list of luxury hotels in Salento, Colombia is the Hotel el Mirador del Cocora, located just outside of Salento on the road to the nature reserve from which it takes its name.  The hotel offers gorgeous views from its terrace overlooking the valley and the mountains beyond.  The rooms are also very nice, and many offer large windows to take in the view, while some even have jacuzzis.  This would make the perfect place to stay in Salento for a romantic getaway.

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Source: Hotel El Mirador del Cocora
  1. Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat
Source: Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat

If staying outside of town and taking in the nature around Salento sounds nice, then you’ll also love the last place on this list of the best luxury hotels in Salento.  The Kawa Mountain Retreat is located outside of town.  While only a short walk from town, the beautiful wooden architecture and views will make you feel like you are in the middle of nature.  The rooms are gorgeously furnished and spacious, with big and comfortable beds.

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