What Yoga in Colombia Has To Offer You!

           What Yoga in Colombia Has To Offer You!

Are you into yoga, meditation, or energy healing?  Or, you don’t know squat about these things, but also feel like you need a change in your life? Are you open to the great adventure of discovering how your energy works?… Colombia may have something amazing for you if you are willing to give it a try. 

womans yoga group meditating

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In the last 20 years, the offerings of alternative healing modalities have increased in Colombia 10 fold. The natural beauty of its exotic landscapes is ideal for spiritual retreats that will help you clean your energy and get rid of stress-related issues. *We work with and recommend booking flights with www.kiwi.com

Yoga, the king of spiritual practices.

Have you ever seen a ‘Yogui’ (yoga practitioner) performing really complicated moves and stretches with their body? If so, I bet you thought that it would be impossible for you to reach that level of control over your body, or at least, it would take you years of hard training.

Yoga woman on beach stretching

But in reality, it’s much easier than it looks, and with proper guidance and a good instructor, learning how to do yoga could be very empowering and fun. Not only this, but you could be very surprised with the results after just a few classes.

Colombia offers many possibilities to those interested in yoga training with certified and very professional instructors who have learned techniques from some of the greatest teachers in the world. Many of these instructors have adapted their lessons to combine them with the country’s natural and spiritual heritage.

Here you can take immersion retreats that go from 3 to 30 days that may be on a beach studio or in the middle of the Andes. If you have specific needs or want to make yoga a part of your general Colombia experience, you can send your requirements to BnB Colombia Tours and have one of the expert team members customized a package just for you.

Simple stuff you need to know before starting your yoga experience
  1. It’s More Than Just a Work-Out: You need to understand that yoga is a spiritual (non-religious) practice that uses the energy of your body to help you overcome the challenges of your “real life”. This starts with getting rid of stress and anxiety.
  2. Anyone can do it: If you have never practiced yoga, don’t worry! A good instructor (like the ones you can find in womans yoga group stretchingColombia) would be mindful of your level of expertise, and ease you into practice, regardless of your physical condition.
  3. It’s about fun and self-mastery, not perfection: For example, if in the first lesson you are barely able to bend your back forward and you can just reach your knees with your hands… Don’t worry! Keep trying and having fun, push your boundaries a little bit and you will be surprised at how many inches you will advance after 3 or 5 lessons, to the point that you will be closer to reaching the floor than ever before!
  4. Progress is integrated: This means that every new thing you learn how to do with your body (even if it is just being able to bend your neck a little more than yesterday) inevitably boosts your self-confidence and transforms the way you face your everyday challenges.

This is why Yoga is so powerful and acclaimed worldwide; it transforms both your body and your mind! And learning or practicing it in the middle of amazing natural locations like the ones Colombia offers is definitely a plus that empowers the whole experience.

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