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Tayrona National Park – think you’ve heard it all?

What you didn’t know about Tayrona National Park If this isn’t your first search result on Tayrona National Park (and it...
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Los Nevados National Park: An invitation for YOU to BE the adventure!

An adventure of Los Nevados National Park, Colombia. There are destinations on this planet that seem to be created and destined...
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Colombia With Your Kids… Always a good idea!

Traveling through Colombia with your kids. If you’re planning to visit Colombia for your next family vacation, let me say to...
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Two Unique Bogotá Events for the Whole Family

Traveling with your family in Bogotá All year-round, Bogota, the amazing capital and largest city in Colombia, offers an impressive variety...
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Medellin with your kids – 3 places you won’t forget!

Traveling to Medellín, Colombia with your kids! Medellín, the second-largest Colombian city and capital of the industrialized department of Antioquia, is...
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Keeping Your Kids Entertained in Cartagena

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained in Cartagena… “I’m in one of the most beautiful destinations there is to see in...
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Colombia’s Coffee Zone – A Place to Build Amazing Family Memories

Colombia’s Coffee Zone is an Amazing Place to take your kids and build some Amazing Family Memories Colombia is the Coffee...
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What Yoga in Colombia Has To Offer You!

           What Yoga in Colombia Has To Offer You! Are you into yoga, meditation, or energy healing?  Or, you don’t know...
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