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3 Days Jerico & Jardin

The Department of Antioquía has some of the most beautiful pueblos (towns) in Colombia. It is really worth discovering for its gastronomy, unique landscapes and delightful inhabitants.

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Mirador Lookout, Jerico

 Your first encounter will be with Jericó, one of a few pueblos that contain many and varied reasons to visit. It has bountiful religious attractions, and a Cathedral with sixteen chapels, some of which are considered true gems. Nature has also been generous, with surrounding hills that delight walkers and lovers of ecology. The main plaza is one of the most beautiful in Antioquia as it preserves the architecture that evokes the best years of the colonial era.

Jerico Church

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Jericó has a natural beauty and a pleasant climate all year round.
Its former dwellers were the Chamí, an indigenous people, who were wiped out by Spanish Conquistadors.
The first thing to catch your attention will be the facades of the houses, all super colourful and well preserved.

The main plaza is home to the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Cathedral, a modern Romanesque-style building which has become a meeting point for the locals, especially on Sunday. Here you can socialize with a coffee or something more fortified. *Book a tour of Jerico with Coffee Plantation here!

Colonial Houses, Jerico

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Near the Cathedral is Calle del Comercio, you will find a large collection of the highest quality hand-made leather accessories, including the famous Carriel brand. One unique design, with more than one hundred and twenty years of tradition behind it, is a personal bag, whose interior contains twelve pockets in which traders of times past kept their knives, religious stamps, tobacco and ornaments. It was even opportune to protect love letters and photographs of loved ones, very popular in this fertile land for romanticism and poetry. Why surely you will find something of interest for yourself!

Typical Carriel Brand, Jerico

You will climb to the highest point on a hill called Cerro EL Salvador, where Christ the Redeemer is a formidable sculpture, with its open arms, it blesses the inhabitants and visitors to the pueblo.

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Los Balsos Botanical Garden is a special place as it has a small lake, trails such as El Guadual, wooden bridges and a wide variety of flora.
Located at the base of Cerro El Salvador, it houses a great variety of plant and animal species and abounds with birds. It is the perfect place for contemplation.
The entrance is made through a striking door made of redwood and is similar in style to the construction of the houses in the pueblo. You then pass over a wooden bridge, below which are the lake’s clear waters. Exuberant natural woodlands, where you will see many different and colourful plants and shrubs.

Los Balsos Botanical Garden, Jerico – Antioquia

An opportunity for you to set foot in the house where the holy mother Laura Montoya Upegui was born on May 26 1874 is a meaningful experience.

She was a teacher, missionary and writer. During her lifetime she dedicated herself to helping the underprivileged and to the evangelization of Catholicism among indigenous communities.
Pope Benedict XVI approved the canonization after verifying the miracle performed on an Antioquian doctor and thus she became the first Colombian Saint.

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Moving on to Jardín, Antioquia is a town full of fascination, most of which you can see on foot. Its people are very happy and hospitable, something very typical in the paisas (country towns).
The main streets and houses of the pueblo have stopped in time to leave the world a sample of the architectural beauty of colonial times.

Horse in plaza of Jardin, Antioquia

Of course, the value of the pueblo´s name must not be neglected – Jardín (Garden) as beautiful and colourful flowers are found everywhere on the pueblo´s colonial balconies. The large main park is popular for social gatherings and creates a wonderful atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. * Book a tour of Jardín with a coffee plantation OR with a horse ride 

Colonial Houses, Jardin

In addition to the beauty of its urban area, Jardín has areas close by where you can find waterfalls, lakes and walking trails that attract all those who enjoy adventure, hiking and personal contact with nature.

The Jardín de Rocas Nature Reserve has become a great attraction for bird tourism thanks to the presence of the Peruvian Rupicola Gallito de Roca. Listen to its particular song while enjoying nature´s tranquil environment. If you are looking for a memorable experience, you will find it here. It is only 10 minutes from the main park, the closest sighting to an urban centre in the world.

Peruvian Rupicola Gallito de Roca in Jardin, Antioquia

The Cueva del Esplendor is one reason why Jardín is internationally recognized. This wonder of nature, created by the force of the water over millennia, is totally spectacular.
A gorgeous hike through this coffee region and the rolling foothills of the Andes. Cows and horses graze quietly on the verdant green pastures.

Cueva del Esplendor, Jardin – Antioquia

A beautiful gushing waterfall tumbling down through a cave is the reward for the demanding hike. The cave is magnificent and the waterfall is stunning. It is a unique site that is tucked away in the middle of the jungle. To the side moss adorns the rocks as water trickles down, while the waterfall itself is rushing, cascading through a hole.
Echoes in the cave are almost frightening. If you are brave enough, the cold water is bracing and refreshing.

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